Should the Clinton Campaign be Quarantined? Part I

Over the week, it was revealed that Hillary Clinton had Pneumonia after she near collapse at the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony on Sunday in New York City. Surrounded by many as she watched the names being called out by loved ones and family of those fallen on 9/11/2001, she began to suffer from what was first reported as heat exhaustion; however, on Monday, evidence was produced that she was in fact sick and would spend the next couple days convalescing in her New York home – a state known from having one of the highest deaths per 100,000 people with the illness as per the CDC study for the 2015/2016 Pneumonia/Influenza Season. (See Map)

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can cause mild to severe illness in people of all ages.Center of Disease Control & Prevention  Website

While Clinton was on an antibiotic prior to Sunday, she has not been on them long enough at the point where she hugged that little girl on the street in front of Chelsea Clinton’s apartment building so soon after getting woozy at the memorial ceremony; hence, it’s very likely she was infected with pneumonia and, as any parent knows, children easily carry and spread illnesses which infect their entire family and sometimes their whole classroom of fellow students.

Many remember on Labor Day when she gave a speech in Ohio, she had a severe problem with coughing – this has been a pattern throughout several rallies. Furthermore, she’s been around countless amounts of people within her campaign staff, Secret Security detail and the media traveling with her. Hence, given that 15 out of 100,000 people in US with the illness have died, it would be mandatory that everyone in her entourage as well as those whom attended her rallies would have to be tested to determine whether they caught or are carrying the bacteria. Because of the vulnerability of senior citizens, many could be affected by the campaign’s staff and/or media.

One has to speculate, given this diagnosis, that everyone around her was also infected and may be carrying the bacteria as it is a highly contagious. Therefore, why are all the people traveling with her not being tested for pneumonia?

As  reported by a Clinton spokesperson, her entire staff is also sick, it would seem they do carry the virus as well which, given their massive contact with the public, could potentially create an epidemic of massive proportions. Every person coming in contact with her as well as everyone coming in contact with them – and so on, could have all the potential of a massive outbreak. Therefore, it would make perfect sense the entire campaign as well as people coming in contact with them should all be isolated in order to minimize possibly affecting others with this potentially dangerous and deadly illness.

Incidentally, Chuck Schumer, whose been a regular around Mrs. Clinton, was diagnosed with pneumonia four weeks ago as reported in Breitbart News. So why did he get around a 68 year old presidential candidate with tenuous health? Furthermore, Senator Schumer didn’t identify whether or not his pneumonia was bacterial or viral and if it was infectious or not infectious.

Two days after we got wind of Clinton’s real ailment, curiously several senior Clinton campaign staffers, relayed to People Magazine, they also had pneumonia. Eyebrows are immediately raised by Clinton’s personal physician’s adamant diagnosis that she suffers from non-infectious pneumonia.

There are only three possibilities to contemplate. Either A) Senator Schumer and Senior Clinton Campaign staffers are lying or B) Clinton’s physician is lying or C) her physician has misdiagnosed her illness.

As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, people ages 65 and above contracting pneumonia have a greater risk of mortality (63%) than younger adults; however, with the amount of people at the rallies plus all the traveling politicians and Tim Kaine, whom could be infected and act as carriers, the people affected could be a staggering number. Therefore, it is imperative that we examine the epidemiology of the seemingly growing campaign contagion.

Shouldn’t the entire staff be in a quarantine – including her traveling media crew and security detail along with all politicians whom have come into contact with her since her coughing issues began?

Therefore, isn’t it too soon for Clinton to be doing rallies given the severeness of her illness? It’s really their responsible to put the public’s best interest first and foremost as this is no illness to be playing around with – especially when one takes into account the potentially thousands of people she’s been in contact with over the last couple weeks alone.

Keep in mind, Clinton has been traveling in close quarters with a number of reporters whom, by nature of their job, interact with the public at large. Shouldn’t Andrea Mitchell inform the public if she comes down with pneumonia?

Pandemics would certainly be favorable to mobile political roadshows much like Bird Flu and the Zika Virus, through modern day frequency of travel provides the perfect foundation for infectious diseases to spread; therefore, we need to look at the Clinton campaign through a stark, unflinching medical lens. If Schumer and staffers have truly become ill with pneumonia, health officials need to put an immediate stop to Clinton’s campaign efforts until this outbreak subsides.

Pneumonia is a killer; hence, in the interest of public safety, the Clinton campaign must temporarily be quarantined.

More to come…

This article was penned in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Beaumont, MD, Retired Epidemiologist, Boston, MA.


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