Should England Be Weighing in America’s Political Elections?

By Thornton Crowe
(As seen on Salisbury News)

Ridiculous as it seems, this seems to be new du jour. Parliament is now ruling whether or not to ban Donald Trump from the United Kingdom. Petitions in hand, British Legislators are ruling whether Trump is banned from doing business or visiting but is it really any of their business what goes on in our political arena?

trumpTrump has never weighed in on their politics and, should he become the next President of the United States, it would not be an advantageous gesture on the UK’s part to alienate a leader from a nation that has seen them through several historical conflicts and wars. For the sake of common sense and prudence, perhaps the UK should concentrate on their own inner-turmoil with their Muslim communities and practice isolationism rather than possibly estranging a future ally.

In truth, they do not have to do business with Trump, but this media politicizing of their big hearing, only looks like they’re ginning up some anti-Trumpism rather than truly being offended at his candor and honesty. He is not the first presidential to propose such an action. Actually, Jimmy Carter did this very thing when the Iran Hostage situation occurred in the late Seventies; but no one in the UK seemed to mind his action.

People say a lot of things on the campaign trail. Trump, unlike most, seems to mean what he says without regret. He’s a straight shooter when it comes to his comments and views, he obviously isn’t stating anything counter to what millions of American think but don’t dare say due to our over-saturated political correct-laden culture. If he were, I seriously doubt he would have massive lead against his opponents bidding for the Republican ticket.

How say you?

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