Should Congress Lose Their Healthcare Exemption?

There’s always more than one way to skin a rat and this situation is no exception to that rule.

Many people suffering under Obamacare have begun the tom-tom shouts to the President to issue an Executive Order that will eradicate the exempt status from the failing healthcare system many on the Hill enjoy. Should he?


That’s a good question and one well worth exploring. President Trump already stated through Twitter that the bailouts are off the table due to the Senate’s inability to bring relief to millions of Americans who are victimized by their Obamacare. This is something that is not too surprising given his whole campaign, he spoke of Repealing and Replacing after we heard for seven years Congress would do just that if given the White House.

Well, they got the WH and now are reneging on the deal with Americans. This time, this President, it would seem these empty campaign promises will no longer fly. No more will they have the luxury of issuing fake votes to repeal, knowing it was going to a president who will VETO their efforts. That’s posturing, folks, and lawyers do it all the time for juries – so why would think politicians wouldn’t do the same – expecting the same results?

Obamacare is imploding with many states no longer having any insurance option. It was always meant to be a gateway drug (pun intended) towards a single-payer, Universal healthcare system. The same system that killed Charlie Gard in the UK along with millions of others throughout the world who also have this disastrous healthcare ideology.

Healthcare in America wasn’t always for big profit but the government intervention made it so. Our government gathered all the insurance companies and promised them big payback if they would support Obamacare before this piece of garbage was passed in 2010. Yes, they were promised a lot – along with Americans – and as of late, they haven’t gotten their paybacks either.

In many cases, insurance companies are folding in states because the state government (and Fed) isn’t paying the monies promised to them. While I seriously doubt any of you have too many violins playing for the insurance companies, the fact remains, this is why they’re pulling out. Their losses are far exceeding the gains they were getting until the government dole started to tank on them.

Should President Trump revoke the exemption legislators voted for themselves, they, too, would be subject to the same escalating premiums with diminishing returns on actual medical treatment? They would soon learn the evil side of their nefarious actions, which, for so long, they’ve evaded.

It’s very easy not to do away with something when you are getting a kickback, too. Therefore, perhaps President Trump’s magic pen should also write an Executive Order forbidding Congress to enjoy said kickbacks as well. It is more than likely, given his proclivities towards lobbying, he may just do it along with abolishing their exemption!

Isn’t it time for Congress and Federal Employees feel the heat of Obamacare along with the rest of us? In my humble opinion, all laws passed by our legislative branch should be applicable to all people not just the masses not working within our government!

Would you support this action should President Trump decide to actually do away with the exemption for Congress and other Federal Workers? Weigh in below:

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