Shock Horror!

By Thornton Crowe
Originally Published on Salisbury News

Everyone was so surprised when Great Britain voted to leave the European Union last Thursday. It certainly was a huge defeat for globalists (the European version of our DC Establishment) who thought they had Europe sewn up without a hitch! Guess bets are not always as they seem…

All opinion polls said the Remains were going to be the victors, so what happened?

LA Mayor Tom Bradley
LA Mayor Tom Bradley

Interesting question… with a simple answer: The Bradley Effect. Many of you may also know this as the Wilder Effect as it also happened to Doug Wilder in his run run for Virginia governor some years after Bradley.

Back in 1982, then Los Angeles mayor, Tom Bradley ran for governor of California. Pretty much the same thing happened. All the opinion and exit polls demonstrated he would win by a landslide. Looking like he was 14% above his challenger, he was assured to win. Well, as you can guess, he lost miserably, leaving many perplexed as to what happened. Hence, when it was discovered…

Many voters, afraid of being called racist for not wanting to vote for him. In the spirit of political correctness and fear of public humiliation, they hid their real intentions and voted the way they wanted in the voting booth. Needless to say, the media and pollsters were left scratching their pointed little heads because they called it based on the opinion polls.

Brexit Celebrations
Brexit Celebrations

It’s safe to assume this is exactly why the shock is still rippling from across the pond to America and beyond to Southeast Asia… Everyone hasn’t even begun to recover from Great Britain’s escape from a failing New World Order conglomerated that’s been around since 1973.

Like the Donald Trump supporters, the  Leave people were called racists and every other name imaginable. Result: they answered pollsters’ questions disingenuously as to not be ostracized. Therefore, when the votes were tallied and it became clear the Leaves had it, everyone in the world – especially the investors, were shocked beyond belief – as we saw in the market trends on Friday.  (Note: A temporary hiccup as markets always right themselves after the globalists’ temper tantrums are done.)

56a00413252b2.imageHow does this correlate between Brexit and our election in November? Simple. All these recent polls show Hillary Clinton as being close to Trump — some even show him dropping, but is Brexit the teller of things to come? Could it be  a lot of Trump supporters are simply saying what will give them a path of least resistance rather than telling the truth?

Hate to break it to you diehard liberals,  many people – conservatives, independents and even some disgruntled Democrats, are closet  Trump supporters. Why?

With all the Sores-financed agitators and riots, many fear their desire for financially sustaining jobs, objections to the massive migrant invasion of America with unvetted refugees and illegals as well as future security will cause them to be demonized and vilified like the people they see on television being harassed at Trump events. So tired of being beaten down for having an opinion based on their own needs and wanting Americans to be first and only special interest group to DC elites, they keep quiet.

Trump Rally - Houston
Trump Rally – Houston

If you notice, most times, the closet Trump people simply smile and say nothing at all or nod in agreement while changing the subject. Because, after all, what goes down in the booth is between an individual and Mr. Voting Machine – no one else’s business whatsoever.

Want proof? Look at his rallies.They are packed to the gills in huge venues! 

The way the mainstream media heralds his lack of Latino, Black or Female voters, one would think he wouldn’t be able to fill a one stall bathroom! Yet, images completely counter their nonsensical banter and fishy little polls. He’s filling arenas with thousands upon thousands of seats with people lined up outside, waiting to enter. In fact, more people come out now than in the beginning of the primary when he was a novelty.

Trump Rally Albany
Trump Rally Albany

Does this mean all the so-called opinion polls are telling false tales and another Bradley Effect is at play? Perhaps. It does smack of the later given the hard evidence.

Guess we’ll have to wait for November 8th to find out, much like we wait to see what Santa has for us under the tree on Christmas morning!

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