Shakespeare in the Park Fights Dirty

Tonight during the evening’s performance of the modern day Julius Caesar depicting the assassination of President Donald Trump, Trump supporter, Laura Loomer was arrested for storming the stage and telling the audience the political violence has to stop! She is currently being transported to the 19th Precinct in New York City because the theater group has pressed charges for her interrupting the assassination scene.

Finally a citizen stands up to this political violence and defends President Trump on a very real level. Ms. Loomer got up on stage and spoke to the audience, chastising them for supporting this violence against our duly elected President. This moment was for Senator Scalise (R-LA) the Majority Whip cut down by a Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton supporter this last Tuesday while he practiced for a charity baseball game with other Republican Congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia.


Later, while being arrest, she said before being taken away that this was inspired by a tweet from Donald Trump, Jr. disavowing the violence against his family promoted by this Shakespeare in the Park group. Furthermore, she explained the thousands of death threats leveled at him everyday on social media.


Currently, a gofundme account has been established for her legal defense; however, we hope the Trump Administration will step in on Ms. Loomer’s behalf to get her solid legal counsel because she was there to defend the President and his family.

Folks, the violent rhetoric has to stop and Ms. Loomer is just one of millions of Trump supporters who’ve had enough. There are too many people including the Mainstream Media who are abusing the First Amendment while taking away conservatives across America’s 1A away. This imbalance has to stop now because it’s a Constitutional Crisis for which the Left is guilty of creating without conscience.

Someone on Twitter raised a very valid point, why did the Berkeley ANTIFA rioters – who were hurting innocent victims — not arrest yet Ms. Loomer who was hurting no one was? This just continues to epitomize the hypocrisy in this country that needs to end and until more people like Loomer take a stand it will continue on and on.

We hope for Ms. Loomer’s safe return home tonight and that the Administration will step in to aid this woman in her legal battle ahead against this hate group in the park.

This story is developing….

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