Sex and the Democrat Presidency

Unfortunately, in today’s Me-Too atmosphere, it’s truly hard to ascertain which claims are true or false. However, as more and more allegations surface during last-hour confessionals, it leads one to suspect their validity — especially if they’re forty years after the fact where providing hard evidence is almost impossible.

Many in the mainstream media have reported the recent Puritan renaissance of the Left’s new-found moral high ground when it comes to sexual misconduct within their party. There’s been much to-do about Al Franken’s constant sexual behaviors that’s caused many in the party to seek his resignation. However, this is pure political fodder to woe Americans into believing they’ve had some collective epiphany.

In reality, when you look at the Democrats’ past, their sexual deviance and indiscretions have been many; however, once again, they like to sweep them under the carpet in order to rally in the issue du jour.

First, let’s start with Franklin D. Roosevelt. Historians know about his lifelong affair with socialite Lucy Mercer. She was a big part of his life and from the discovery of said affair, his relationship with Eleanor took a grave turn. In the end, as many historians in the FDR era can attest, the Roosevelts shared an arrangement much like the Clintons, where FDR did his own thing and Eleanor Roosevelt pursued her own interests outside the marital unit. In fact, when he died in Georgia, it was Mercer who was at his side, not the First Lady.

The second takes us to John F. Kennedy, Jr. It was no mystery that he was having a long term affair with the actress, Marilyn Monroe; however, she was the high profile paramour. Mark Levin revealed last Friday a story not widely circulated about a 19 year old intern at the White House whom he summoned to have sex on a daily basis. And mind you, this is in addition to the harem of starlets provided by his brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford. Kennedy’s bouts with sexual and drug addiction are legendary in much of America’s untold history.

Third, Lyndon Johnson was notorious for his sexual machinations against women during his presidency. His abusive personality is not relegated to just women either, he demonstrated just as much aggressive behavior towards several Congressmen and Senators on the Hill. While the latter was not of a sexual nature, his lack of anger management was infamous and widely reported.

Fourth, we have Bill Clinton (of course) and his sexual predatory behavior that reaches back to his college days. Many women have come forth to tell tales of their ‘rape experiences’ and yet, when his behavior was exposed, many Democrats and their Hollywood surrogates like Barbra Streisand and Gloria Steinem (a feminist indeed) rushed to defend him, while literally trashing the victims.

As you can see this newfound morality is probably fleeting when their very history is so marked with sexual predatory and indiscreet conquests. Even with such a history, it is telling that today’s Democrats fail to denounce these historic icons based on their sexual deviance.

It’s rather stunning (and quite disingenuous) how Liberals like to ignore their own party players’ misgivings while judging the Right on every indiscretion – whether there’s any evidence to prove such actions. It is another reason why many don’t trust their outcries and look at them with skepticism, scrutiny and disdain for their self-proclaim superiority towards everyone else.

At the end of the day, sex is sex – and it’s about time, everyone came to embrace their own party’s history – for better or for worse.

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