I am an American. I am an American rapidly losing faith. It all happened in three short weeks. Americans were exposed to the ugly factory creation of sausage, glimpsing the utter decadence and tone deaf carnality of our political gut processing.

The “elites” who make and dispense law were outed as political birds of prey, and we, all of us, from blue collar worker to hapless office cog were the vultures breakfast lunch and dinner.

The politicians fiddled and the People burned.

Sure, we got fired up by Bernie, and Trump, as their populist message resonated with the millions of us who “suspected.”

Americans are not perfect. I am a slave to sweets, addicted to social media, and am guilty of indulging in my fair share of vices. But I am not a slave of the Government,or so I believed until 3 weeks ago.

Like most Americans, I am shocked and sickened by Wikileaks exposing the outrageous collusion between politicians and Government.The media has been caught in a criminal act. We must comprehend what was previously unfathomable. The FREE PRESS is no longer FREE. Maybe it never was……

If the press believes they have the power to seduces the masses and, through suggestive selling techniques lull us into submission, they have underestimated this American. More….They have underestimated the American People.

Trump has my vote. I want to “stick it to the man,” just as Washington Jefferson, and Adams also “stuck it to the man.”

We are a nation born of rebels, originals, freedom lovers, stubborn yet generous, fierce yet kind. Above all , we are defined by passion, and one thing we cannot do is vote in a cold, remote, robotic liar like Hillary Clinton. Such a personage would fit better in a Boshevik Era Soviet Union than America.

Trump may put his foot in his mouth, but I suspect all of us have.Trump has passion, and Americans demand passion in our presidents. The great presidents all had great passion. If Washington were alive today, social media would explode every time George got “triggered”

Leading citizen journalists like Mike Cernovich and James O’Kieffe are now providing the content for MSM, must to the chagrin of media.

The DNC and media are spinning us and we know. How many of us get the uneasy feeling that we have no clue how deep the corruption is?

Trump never said he was perfect. But, as the whole nation notices, his speeches get better and better, his message resonates across all 50 states, and lodges in the guts of millions of Americans sickened by corruption, waste, fraud, and the uneasy feeling our Government is no longer even trying to pretend to like us.

Talking about lost faith, how is it possible that 72% of us believe we are on a wrong path, and only 28% of the people trust Hillary, yet the polls favor her?

imgresThe answer is simple. The polls are conducted by the same media that glibly tells us all manner of stories, myths, distortions

In these modern times, Lawyers pervert justice, Government doles out oppression, doctors traffic in disease, bankers destroy money, and truth tellers are hunted down and “neutralized”

72% of us feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Come November 9th, we either have 72% of us feeling happy or waking up in misery. Thats the point all the pollsters miss. Thats the sentence no media outlet will ever admit…..

As millions turn away from CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post, the media has turned to blatantly mocking the American people, excoriating us to “ignore those Russian wikileaks” and ” focus on those gropes.”

Like most Americans, I am feeling groped by the media, groped by the pollsters, and most profoundly, groped by my own Government.

It truly is time to drain this swamp, lest the next generation catch the disease that now afflicts our generation.

It’s time to show Trump the same faith he is showing in the American people.

Penned by: Dr Alexander Pope, PhD is a retired Physics Professor and writes on issues concerning politics, history and social anthropology.

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