Setting the Record Straight…

By Thornton Crowe
(First Published on Salisbury News)

Over the years I am stunned at those little moments on TV where reporters go out and ask the ‘man on the street’ where a country is or who the first president of the US’s name; only to find that people have no idea about of people, events and history going on around them. It is striking to me more and more that Common Core is having a field day, dummying down our youth but a lot of the folks interviewed are adults – not kids. Benghazi was and will never be a guy named Ben Ghazi and Lincoln was not our first President.

Interestingly, as we round to his birthday month, I have long been curious as to why the Black community herald’s Lincoln as one of their ‘heroes.’ The truth is, he was a separatist in every sense of the word. He never believed that white and black people could ever live together in equality. There are several books that reveal this through the scholarship of Lincoln’s own papers and speeches. And before you start screaming racist, please note: the editor of Ebony Magazine, Lerone Bennett, Jr, penned Forced To Glory (2000) – a book about this very subject that was the forerunner in the expose on these papers and Lincoln’s writings.

Interviews in Bennett’s own words from his research:

The Civil War was not started over slavery. Quite the contrary, it was taxation (imagine) tariffs between the North and South. The southern states could not afford the high tariffs imposed on goods from the North so they decided to secede from the Union. Meaning they wanted to break away from the United States. Abraham Lincoln, in spite of it being their Constitutional Right to do so, decided to declare martial law in the South to stop the process.

As for slavery and Lincoln’s hand in the emancipation, it’s really quite simple. He had plans for resettlement – meaning, he wanted to send the slaves back to wherever they came from; one of his papers he wrote, he wanted the West White. As long as slaves belonged to white men, Lincoln had no jurisdiction over their removal. However, once freed, he had every intention of deporting them. He discussed this with leaders in the Black community. There were experiments that went a rye, i.e. the Panama Canal area and a settlement in Africa that perished from the weather/environments.

Had he not been assassinated, this plan would have been implemented. So you can see, if he had been successful, we would never have had any black people here unless they came back after President Lincoln’s presidency was concluded.  The papers are available for people interested in doing research on the topic. They are real, in his handwriting and authenticated by the government.

This is a brilliant example of how time (and infamy) has retooled and revised history.

Let the outcry begin…

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