SESSIONS: A Sigh of Relief

After almost a decade of lawlessness in the Department of Justice, promoted by a highly politicized agency headed by those who were more interested in covering the wrong-doing rather than actually supporting our Rule of Law, it’s a sigh of relief to watch our new Attorney General Honorable Jeff Sessions sworn into his new office.

As many know, the DOJ has been fraught with controversy and politics with Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder leadership. Situations like the Fast & Furious debacle and Clinton fiasco regarding her mishandling of our Top Secret intel, is what’s become the norm rather than exception. In several emails exposed by Wikileaks, we saw where personnel was complicit in ‘filling in’ the DNC and Clinton campaign about on-going investigations on the sly. Unacceptable for everyone, this became the black marks against the highest law enforcement in our land.

Image taken before final vote cast with ending total 52/47

Now, we can look forward to a DOJ that puts our laws before politics and will litigate regardless of a defendant’s standing; economically or politically. In many ways, today is the beginning of draining the swamp promised by then-candidate Donald Trump. With Hon. Sessions at the helm, there’s a new day rising in our jurisprudence which marks no one – even in DC – is safe from prosecution for breaking the law.

The new norm on the Hill demonstrated the Sessions Confirmation was an almost complete partisan split with only one Democrat, Sen. Manchin (D-WV) voting for the confirmation. A sad state for our country, considering a divided house is most disturbing; however, the Left is intent on thwarting President Trump on everything, whether or not they agree with his initiatives. Bad move for their constituents but power seems to rule the day with the political bourgeois in the Democrat party.

During his swearing in ceremony, both Vice President Pence and President Trump were present in the Oval Office. The event was live-streamed in order to us to view it in real-time; a request made due to all the controversy proffered by fake news spinners and Senate Democrats.

It’s refreshing to see Hon. Sessions become AG because his dedication to the Law¬†demonstrates a professionalism we haven’t seen in awhile. It’s about time this happened and its a time in history, historians will report for many decades to come.

Congratulations to AG Sessions and his wonderful family! We look forward to you doing great things to restore Law & Order back to our great country.

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