Senate Hypocrisy & Obamacare

If you’ve wondered why they’re stalling… because the hypocrisy runneth over!

As many of you already know, the Senate is having a difficult time getting all Republicans on board with Obamacare repeal and replace initiatives in spite of it being one of the cornerstones of them getting control of both Houses and the Presidency in 2016. It would seem they would catch this 411 that citizens have never wanted this socialized medicine disaster tried in so many countries with a failing track record, but they remain mute.

Last week, we learned that Arizona Senator John McCain had to have brain surgery – even though the media is trying to paint it as just a simple surgery – and it is for a serious condition. Yes, it’s a brilliant assumption that any time they cut open your skull to work on your brain, it’s a serious situation.

Serious as it is, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has delayed healthcare voting due to his absence, even though McCain has been jellyfishing all over the place. If you really think about it, one reality comes for that may explain why the Senate and House are so lackadaisical about the Obamacare situation.

If you recall, when Obamacare passed, all government – including House and Senate – was exempt from the highly flawed ‘law’ based in unconstitutionality. In fact, no Senator has Obamacare nor do they have to follow any laws pertaining to it.

For eighty-year-old John McCain, that’s a good thing because, had he been forced to have Obamacare, chances are, he wouldn’t have his brain surgery at all. Yes, you read that correctly.

Most seniors are stating they have been forced to have end-of-life discussions with their physicians should any serious illness come about. Meaning folks over 65 years old are now faced with the “death panel” tactic where they are told, any life extending surgery will likely be denied by the Obamacare which includes Medicare and Medicaid, will not cover any surgery such as the one McCain underwent last week.

They said there were no ‘death panels’; however, this is very close because non-medical bureaucrats made the decisions when or if you get surgeries based on your age. Population control anyone? While it avoids the connotation of the ugliness associated with the words, having the physician do all the dirty work provides a sophisticated manner to manage population control without people being too upset.

Therefore, the stark reality of the Senate’s failure to do their job for average Americans is partly because it has no bearing on their personal lives. As with McCain, no Senator or Congressman will be tasked with an end-of-life discussion because they’re immune from Obamacare regulations. Hence, why they aren’t in any hurry to put the brakes on Obamacare in spite of the mass negative reaction to it in the first place – along with its continued declined.

Pretty rich and more than a tad hypocritical, the Senate is in no hurry to repeal this disaster which has cost Americans billions while providing virtually no coverage at all – especially to those in need of coverage.

My fellow patriots, perhaps it’s time we start making efforts to primary people out of their seats of comfort on Capitol Hill and put in those who are like us — subjected to unconstitutional laws that have no merit or reason for existence.

For the time being, McCain should count his lucky stars he wasn’t on Obamacare, because had he been, in all likelihood, he wouldn’t be alive right now!

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