See. Bernie. Drive.

So, yesterday, I did an article about Bernie’s supporters getting very angry about their fearless leader caving in to the Big Bank, Big Wall Street and criminal candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Here are just a couple of developments.

This image denotes Bernie’s people are defecting over to Trump Country. It also shows they’re rather disenchanted with our rigged system, which as we know, Mr. Trump has been a vocal opponent!

The second image was posted in March. As you can clearly see, Sanders, the big Socialism R Us guy is sporting a brand new $175K red Audi sportscar. How ironic that it’s RED!

Thinking aloud (or in print,) could it be all those $27 donations led to such a purchase? Let us not forget his wife is being investigated for defrauding and embezzling from that small Northeastern college she used to head before being terminated for said claims.

Ah, yes, money and socialism are very much hand in hand when it comes to the top 3% and most of Sander supporters are now waking up to the harsh cold reality we call politics.

Is it a surprise to any conservative that Bernie would hitch his wagon to a criminal? I would say NOT. He’s quite prolific in that regard considering he’s managed to live a long life on the government dole in one way or another.

Trump, no doubt, will be the great benefactor of this unrest because most of Bernie’s kids simply do not like Hillary – dishonest or not. She represents the entire system they protest with grave disdain!

Next time you see a Bernie sticker on a junker or even a nice mid-level car, think to yourself, “That person just bought Bernie some hot wheels…” I know, I’ll be thinking as such.

Gotta love politics, folks…

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