Ryan’s Latest Betrayal

Well, it seems our Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is at it again, thwarting what Americans voted for last November and he’s unabashed in his disdain for everything MAGA!

In his statement about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pardon, he rallies on in some drone that makes no sense considering the Sheriff was doing his job – enforcing our immigration laws. If you really think about it, Ryan is in essence, stating he doesn’t want our laws to be enforced.

Even though many in the Hispanic community voted for Donald Trump, this inconvenient fact doesn’t seem to register with the Speaker who continues to rail against our Wall and Trump’s plans to stop illegal aliens from having easy passes in our society. It seems he also misses the point that by coming here illegally, these people are criminals who are breaking the law.

Where was all this upset when Obama turned loose on our society countless drug dealers, killers and terrorists? Don’t recall Ryan ever speaking out against his unruly pardon-fever as he issued almost 2,000 pardons for actual criminals. So why all the upset now? Sounds like cherry-picking outrage, doesn’t it?

It’s simple: Trump did the pardoning. In reality, it probably has absolutely nothing to do with Arpaio, but everything to do with Ryan’s utter disdain for our duly elected president. As an establishment hack, the Speaker has never made it any secret he holds much hatred for Trump. All the smiles and palm pressing was feigning for the camera and nothing more.

Look at the Tax Reform situation if you need more clues. Tax reductions would benefit all Americans – especially those living paycheck-to-paycheck. In history, both times tax decreases were done en mass, our country thrived and more tax revenue spilled into the government because people paid for more goodies. With more people working and buying, this correlates into more tax revenue for the government – yet, Ryan ignores history and continues his game to keep tax reform off the docket.

He claims it’s due to others but at the end of the day, we all see through the veils and know whose holding up the works. Hence, because President Trump ran on deep tax cuts, Ryan is doing his level best to stall and play subterfuge in order to not meet our expectations. The same can be said for the Wall issue as well.

As a slave to the Chamber of Commerce, who incidentally loves the cheap labor brought in with illegal aliens, Ryan has cowed down to a minority at the expense of us – the silent majority. His proclivities regarding the illegal alien issue has been pointedly clear since the president was stumping on the campaign trail.

Is Ryan angling to run in the next presidential primary? Yes, I know it’s almost laughable but perhaps he believes he will – even though most Americans view Congress at all-time low levels. It seems Ryan’s disconnect from the voting public is vast and wide.

Let’s hope someone puts him on notice that his bid would be unwelcome in 2020 but we all know how egos such as Ryan’s go. He’d run against the President simply to create havoc and upset. We all know at this point he’s a RINO and it’s the very reason his buddies Mitt and McCain lost. Republicans in Name Only are unwelcome to most!

All this inner turmoil does is muck up the DC swamp even more. Let’s have faith Ryan will soon be removed as Speaker so our agenda is finally enforced. Until then, we’ll just have to wait it out!

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