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As we get closer to Election Day, as with many years before, we are going to be hit with such propaganda to the likes unlike we’ve ever seen.

There’s no disputing, given her criminality and corruption, Hillary Clinton is the most unpopular candidate we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. She has a long, shrouded past in subverting and diverting to the point she makes Oscar winning actors look weak. She’s a professional propagandist with a reputation steep in lying and deception.

That being said, the Left – utilizing all the millions raised from Warren Buffett, George Soros and the Koch Brothers – will be to divert and subvert against the anti-globalism tenor of today’s voting climate. They don’t want you to not vote for their favorite cause – self-enrichment through the yard sale of America. And it’s not just the Left either – it’s the Right Establishment whom rally to keep the myths alive about Trump. He threatens them all. They can’t run the same table when he becomes president. A table we all want destroyed much like they want to destroy America.

Like Britain in June, we are not for sale. America’s bargain basement part sale is closed for business – once and for all.

Our own emancipation from the proposed slavery of TPP and TiSA looms in our foregrounds – along with every aspect of our American life that offends few but is made to seem like it offends all by Social Justice profiteers like those stated above.

The real deal is Donald Trump scares the hell out of them – hence, why the Left is desperate to take away anything regarding his message of making America first and raising the bar back to prosperity for Americans.

Fact is, the world, on a whole, it much weaker when America is weak, too. Weakened countries leave the globe ripe for the picking when it comes to the globalists’ demagoguery.

We can see evidence of this in the Corporate and MSM treason perpetrated everyday in every medium known to man. They are working hard to divert voters and give us new red shiny lights and whistles to whisk us away from the task at hand: Saving America from the brink of extinction.

Wake up, America. This isn’t about police brutality, racism, sexism, or any of the other ‘isms’ Clinton called out during her turret moment where everyone was an irredeemable deplorable in a basket of Trump. She knows Trump supporters aren’t any of those things – no, far from it.

We’re WORSE! We want to save the country from the elite profiteers bent on stripping her for parts and selling her off piece by piece.

As Americans, it’s unAmerican to allow this to happen! It’s time to put an end to this charade and begin to rebuild our country from it’s ideological war-torn state to the country we inherited from our ancestors who had a dream and made it happen!

Keep your eyes on the prize! Don’t fall for the fodder of those who want to enslave us all!

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