ROTTEN: A Most Unlikely Endorsement…

Or is it?

For all the old punk rockers out there, Johnny Lydon – also known as Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols’ fame – has always been the pinnacle of punk rock! His group made a searing commentary about the Establishment in the mid-Seventies and rocketed into America with a huge bang! The red-headed, screw everything attitude songster made waves with his River Thames cruise, resulting in all aboard to be arrested for speaking out against the Queen. Most Americans take for granted their 1A rights which have caused many English punkers upset for decades.

See, the punk rockers like Rotten and Joe Strummer knew all the trappings of government-dominated life from their childhoods in England, so it’s not surprising the Punk movement began out of their angst and rage against the political machines. Bands like The Clash and others were ardent supporters of freedom and their movement promoted a revolution of its own – UK style.

With an endorsement from Johnny, it makes the Millennials look like the uncool Establishment…. and very un-Punk Rock!

The thing is, folks, these people lived what Democrats want to make us endure and saw its failures for Working Class people in England! They are experts on real socialism – not the junk most Americans learn through textbooks and crying heart liberal professors.

In an interview this morning with Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan, Rotten made some pretty audacious statements in support of Brexit, Nigel and President Trump! As many know, Rotten became an American citizen (the legal way) a few years back and spends much of his time in Hollywood, California. Therefore, when he reminded that Trump was his president, the rocker was complimentary because as pointed out, Trump’s style is is very much like the punk movement from yesteryear. He even suggested they could be friends!

President Trump’s in-your-face, brash, unabashed and damn the establishment is everything punk has always been; hence making him our first real, Punk Rock President! We’ve pointed this out before but people seem to have a slow time getting up to clip with the real deal. In many ways, one could argue it was the Sex Pistols and the Clash who helped create the generation that voted for Trump in the last election. He was everything Queen Clinton could never be – and Working Class America seize the opportunity to give new innovation a shot.

Here’s the interview for you to witness history in the making!

It’s refreshing to see Johnny embrace our President because it means we’re moving in the right direction. Emancipation from tyranny!

Huge shoutout of thanks to Paul Joseph Watson at Prison Planet for letting us know this morning via Twitter about this enlightening interview! Always awesome to find endorsements from unexpected places!

Long live our first Punk Rock President! Cheers and good day, mates!

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