Recusal Happy Sessions Breaks Bad?

Well so it seems our recusal happy Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a stunning announcement about leakers today in a press conference… he’s going after them. Funny, I’m surprised he hasn’t recused himself from this situation because in all reality, he’s recused himself from everything thing else that could make him a great AG.

Sessions can’t possibly think right-thinking Americans are really buying his chuck n’ jive anymore. He’s been a bitter disappointment to millions of Trump supporters and the President himself. It’s no secret. People on Twitter and other social media have made their Sessions’ proclivities more than clear with few minced words.

It’s a shame he doesn’t just board it up the DOJ building and go on an extended vacation because with his inability to do anything of any merit – i.e. anything that means anything to most Americans. His AG term is already a failure – faster than his predecessors Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Nobody believes in the Justice Department anymore because we’ve watched their inability to do anything. From the Robert Mueller/Deep State farce to all the crime the Clintons, Rice, Comey, Lynch et. al. have been allowed to skate through, no one sees where Justice has been restored to our world. Instead, we hear about all the fodder involving leakers which no doubt, Sessions will be as effective today as he was at stopping the President’s conversations with other world leaders being leaked yesterday.

Let’s face it, Sessions lied to the President and us when he took his oath of office, where he swore to uphold the Constitution. It should’ve been: “I swear to uphold the Constitution unless it pertains to…” That’s the cold hard reality, folks! He lied to everyone about his ability to actually do the job of Attorney General. It was all meaningless.

For once, maybe we should’ve let the Democrat obstructionists win and just found another person more competent to run our Justice Department. If we had, we might not have the quagmire of BS we have now.

Regarding leakers, if he was all that dedicated to stopping leaks, why hasn’t he had James Comey – a self-proclaimed leaker of classified information – arrested as of yet? What’s he waiting for? Oh, that’s right, he’s recused from that whole thing along with the anything Clinton et. al. What a joke! Just a huge joke!

Don’t expect Jeff Sessions to be any harder on leakers than he’s been on any of the other lawbreakers inside the Beltway. He’s proven to be an impotent figurehead, whose all bark, no substance.  We won’t be holding our breath, that’s for darn sure!

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