RECOUNT MADNESS: The Curious Case of Jill Stein & the Silent Media

By Guest Writer: Adam Gingrich
Pennsylvania Political Consultant @dissingertoupee

Let’s face it, when it comes to recounts, most Americans rightly think of the Florida fiasco of 2000 Bush v Gore as the standard bearer.  After all, that particular recount was built on a fact-based, feasible scenario that had the potential to swing the national election result. Many lessons were learned and, frankly, some new ones were conjured up out of thin air by both sides in a desperate battle for all the marbles.

But, as they say, that was then and this now. From the moment Donald J. Trump descended the Trump Tower escalator in June 2015, so began an incredible and improbable journey to the White House that many in the media, and the world, could scarcely conceive. The sheer improbability of his victory to become the GOP nominee triggered a media race, beset on both sides of the established left and right, to discredit and defy any earthly expectation of Trump winning in November.

Turns out, maybe all the media’s hyperbolic and hysterical attacks on Trump’s viability wasn’t for naught, after all. My contention is that is has laid the shaky platform for Jill Stein and her band of merry morons to contest the results of the election in three key states. One might argue: what’s more improbable? Trump as our 45th president, or Jill Stein converting her 1% of total votes in these states (slightly outpacing Harambe write-ins) into an Electoral College Armageddon scenario?

The answer is pretty obvious to anyone with even a tenuous grasp on reality. Trump is our President-Elect. Say it out loud to yourself, your friends and your neighbors. Say it a million more times and it will be no less true on January 20th. Deal with it, because Jill Stein, George Soros and Hillary Clinton can’t.

I’ll be the first one to admit the media is in a tough spot here. If they report on the recount efforts themselves in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, they will be subject by any journalistic standards known to the established media to report the probability of across the board failure for Stein. That’s not something they are apt to do. They will instead stand by and watch the internet rumors take their destructive and malignant roots on Twitter and Facebook. Of course they know there is no statistical possibility for Stein to succeed in even slowing down Trump’s Electoral College victory. They know it, but they won’t report it; Yet another abdication of responsibility that has been the hallmark of the mainstream media’s coverage from the get-go.

Let’s get to the facts. The recount in Wisconsin is technically underway on a bureaucratic front. My expectation is that there will be no statistical deviation from the vote totals currently showing in WI. Should the recount get bogged down in legal machinations, or any delays that threaten the December 12th deadline, then the recount will almost assuredly be halted and the results of the election certified on December 13th and the Electoral Votes cast on December 19th, as required by law. No practical or feasible theory would disallow the casting of those 10 Electoral Votes. None. If you doubt that for a second, see Florida recount in 2000. The state government of WI, from Gov Walker to the State Legislature, and the State Supreme Court, all have sworn constitutional duties to uphold the votes of their citizens. That is sacrosanct and takes primacy over any George Soros-Jill Stein pyramid fundraising scheme to undermine our democracy.

Your American right to have your vote counted was fought for, bled for, and died for, by millions of those who came before us. Jill Stein, you can stomp your feet all you want, but your hissy fit is not only unseemly, it is fundamentally un-American.

I can’t stress this enough: Donald Trump will receive 306 Electoral College votes on December 19th. There is no plausible scenario that allows otherwise. No Electors from Trump states will be “bought” or “threatened” into casting their constitutionally mandated votes elsewhere. Nor will any recount delay change the results of the election. This is a short-play distraction to keep your eyes off the amazingly transcendent transition process being enjoyed by Donald Trump.

I get hundreds of concerned questions everyday from hard-working citizens who voted for Trump and are worried about being disenfranchised. I am writing today to tell you, unequivocally, there is no existential threat to the Trump presidency. It’s time to have faith in our election system, our local and state officials and our court systems. The blood of our American soldiers was not spilled in order to entertain the whimsical post-election urges of sore losers and globalists billionaires.

So, in closing, there will be no recount in Pennsylvania (maybe 3 or 4 counties, but that means nothing) and Michigan is likely to kill the recount in the cradle through the courts. We have nothing to fear. For those who are desperately trying to convince themselves they can stop a Trump presidency, I say to you, turn on your television, it’s already happened.

God bless our unshakable democracy, God Bless those who fought and died to protect it, God bless Donald J. Trump and God Bless America.

Our Guest Writer:

Adam B. Gingrich
Pennsylvania Political Consultant
Twitter John_Wick_of_Politics  @dissingertoupee
Periscope JohnWickofPolitics

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