Recording Industry Ruins Grammys for 65M Music-Buying Fans…

Granted, I didn’t watch the Grammys last night because I suspected it would be nothing more than a Trump roast, the morning news shows have continued to regurgitate the whole affair with nauseating frequency. The sad part about this whole fiasco – other than the lead filled ratings which dropped sharply from the previous year’s Grammys, is this was a night to celebrate the musicians’ accomplishments over the past year.

The Recording Academy did a grave disservice to those musicians and their entourage – managers, publicists, etc, because they put politics ahead of musical achievements. They also put their middle fingers up to the music-buying consumers, many of which voted for Trump in 2016. They pandered to the minority and pimped the propaganda like good comrades of the radical left. Shamelessly, they not only jilted the viewers, they shafted the artists who won Grammys but are now lost in the haze of political melee.

The highlight of their idiocy came when they had disgraced former presidential candidate (and career criminal) Hillary Clinton read from the now debunked book by Wolff, Fire & Fury. As all of her former investigations have now been reopened, it’s as if she’s daring the Feds to lock her up while reminding many why they thought this from the beginning.

Even the London press is promising it was a skewer for President Trump; however, logic begs to differ.  First, to refer to a woman who always sides with rapists as a “MeToo” proponent, is clearly an attempt to either promote rape or possibly deflect from Clinton’s past actions. Either way, the Daily Mail is hardly in a place to judge criminality when they elected a Muslim mayor in London who has shackled the once-great city into a cesspool of crime. So to say they possess good character analysis is jejune at best. However, this article title does beckon us to look deeper into Clinton’s continual temper tantrum.

Hard as it is to fathom, let’s just take a moment to contemplate Clinton’s display of utter foolishness here. If President Trump is all the things the literary mythological trash proffers, the fact is, she lost to him. What does this say about her character?

If he was really that bad, then she’d have to be more than atrocious to lose to such an ill-fitted, racist and misogynistic cad. Right?

The entire Democrat Party seems to not understand, their continual vilification due to their personal Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome, doesn’t look good for both the Party or Clinton. They are becoming a joke by the day – because they fail to grasp their validation that their candidate was so awful that even a nefarious Trump could rip away her supposed victory.

All you can do here is laugh at the ignorance and realize what we’re seeing is the Liberals trying desperately to hijack anything they can to regain the relevancy they once held. For most Americans, the great economy and high esteem for our President at Davos and other world trips, cannot be ignored. We bet on an outsider and have been pleasantly surprised by how he’s turned lemons into spun gold — something Democrats cannot handle.

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