REALITY TV: Are they trying to tell you something?

This ain’t American Gothic – not by a long stretch…

We’re all familiar with the plethora of reality shows that molest our televisions every night; however, one show is particularly telling: 90 Day Fiance.

The show’s premise is couples involving one person who is from another country, getting an K-1 Marriage VISA come over and the couple has 90 days to decide whether or not to get married. To date, haven’t seen any couple who didn’t close the marital deal; however, their journeys are far from fun or turmoil free.

From parents and friends to their own personality conflicts, the couples forge a bond in a little under three months to make the decision to live in some marital bliss; allowing the foreigner to stay here in America.

Watching this show gives you everything you need to know as to why these types of situation usually spells trouble for the American citizen involved. Take the couple Mohamed and Danielle. She’s from Ohio and he’s from Tunisia. He comes here – 27 years old – to marry a 42 year old woman that seems less likely to attract a strapping young lad from another country. While he claims he really wanted to marry her, he spends most of the last season running away from her and hoping she won’t file for an annulment. In the end she does and now he faces deportation with Danielle, now jilted, leading the charge to out her so-called husband from the United States. 

Isn’t there enough of these stories in real life to more than justify why Russian mail order brides are simply not the answer to lonely woes? People want to be in America because there’s a perception throughout the world that somehow our streets are paved with proverbial gold. Somehow they expect to come here and experience life in a free country. While this can be construed as a compliment, isn’t it rather insulting that men like Mohamed come here, thinking they will live off an American woman and live the good life?

Throughout the last season he spent more time with other young ladies than his wife – yet expected her to not contemplate an annulment. While most would wonder why Danielle didn’t kick him to the curb earlier on, it is not hard to imagine her own weakness of not wanting to believe she’s been played and had by a stranger who simply wanted to come to America and gain legal residency and/or green card.

These situations happen everyday in America – it’s not just our former president opening up the flood gates to all persons throughout the world. There are those who actively seek out Americans in the Lonely Hearts Club Band to come here and sponge off of whatever system they can exploit. This show only exemplifies some of them – most in love (or so they believe) until the wedding bells become alarms.

Isn’t it time for the Tillerson State Department to shut down all VISA programs until this vetting situation is under control? Perhaps it’s time we did put a temporary kibosh on the whole game until we’re at least 80% sure these people coming into our country are property vetted and certified as among the people who value our lifestyle not seek to destroy it.

While it does seem odd that we’d talk about such a frivolous show on television; it does provide us with many examples of why K-1 dating for American citizens isn’t just a grand thing to do.

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