Reality Check I: Obama Wanted Clinton Indicted!

American author, Edward Klein, known for his numerous books on DC elites including the Clintons, supports his new book, Guilty As Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation, while making the rounds on the talk show network. The book is referring to Hillary Clinton’s audacious criminality throughout her life in public service.

His his interview this morning with Fox & Friends,  just revealed President Obama wanted to indict Clinton for her mishandling of classified information and private email server crimes but because of his failing legacy was forced to back her six. He said that he has many contacts within the White House that affirmed the fact that his administration was forced to defend her in spite of her blatant criminality. Further, Obama wanted Vice President Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren to run against Clinton but neither could do it. “He knew it would marginalize him,” states Klein during the interview.

Ed Klein, Author of Guilty as Sin

Another startling revelation is during his interview with F&F is, FBI Director James Comey was  promised the new FBI building would be named the James Comey Building should he assist in stopping any criminal charge recommendation! Yes, you read that right. All for a self-serving ego trip, Comey has thwarted justice, allowed a vetted corrupt criminal to walk among us and has proven we have a double standard system in our jurisprudence! If you can promise Comey his name on a building, he’ll turn a blind eye to whatever crime you commit!

This also confirms why Comey flagrantly lied to the Judicial Oversight Committee and other Committee hearings about the Clinton email situation. It was for a building named after him. Let that sink in, Congressmen/women. Isn’t lying to Congress and Senate Committees also a crime?

Later in the interview he discusses many of Clinton’s health problems which could very possibly prevent her from carrying out a four-year term.

From YouTube Channel: Eric Kirchner

Look forward to a review of Guilty As Sin coming soon on Crowenation!

In his interview with Sean Hannity last night, he admitted that Clinton is a badly flawed and weak candidate this election cycle because of her criminality. In his article on The Daily Caller, he clearly states he was interviewed by the FBI – not only about Clinton’s email crimes but also the Clinton Foundation pay to play scheme. He confirmed to them from his own personal witnessing of incidents that Clinton did conduct Foundation business while on trips as Secretary of State. This furthers the nefarious schemes revealed in Clinton Cash.

Last week, it was also revealed Clinton has Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her short-list for Supreme Court justice picks should she be elected president. Guess now we know what went down on the plane, don’t we?

So there you have it, folks. The real deal is, Obama – while wanting to indict Clinton went soft because his own legacy is crumbling and pressure to support his biggest nemesis all while James Comey sold out American Justice to have a building named after himself and Lynch eyes Supreme Court seat to follow up Comey’s egotistical move. All confirmed by WH and DC insiders.

Just another day in corrupt America. Are you sick of it yet?

Therefore, it’s safe to assume at this point, the corruption you suspected was running amok in DC is very much alive and well. A huge ruse is being played on Americans with the Media completely complicit in the farce.

Isn’t it time for a huge reset in America?

What does this mean for voters going to the polls in November?

If you don’t like this and are sick of this DC Appetite for Corruption, change it! Don’t sit around on complaining about it. Vote for the only candidate that will not tolerate this – neither in his own company but much less in the government structure of our country.

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