Real Feminism: The Faces of the Modern Conservative Feminist Movement

Much to the Democrat women’s chagrin, the new faces of Modern Feminism are becoming ever-present in our lives via the President Donald Trump White House.

Traditionally, feminists liked to believe they were exclusively on the Left; however, in recent days we’ve seen women like the First Lady Melania Trump, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Special Counsel to the President Kellyanne Conway are demonstrating a new phase in the feminist movement. Not only are these women smart with firecracker wit, they are all accomplished in their own right!

Sure, many women like Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Hillary Clinton would have you believe the fact that these women are married with children holding conservative views like Pro-Life, they couldn’t possibly be feminists; however, I’d beg to differ.

Feminism was born in an era where housewives began to seek life outside the Pink Ghetto. They no longer wished to be just some man’s husband, looking for careers and interests outside a familial home and facade of 1950s sexual politics. The revolutionaries went to work outside the home and largely, turned their noses down at women who were happy in domestic lifestyles. Hence, with the sexual revolution and divorce, women desired to be treated equally with their male counterparts in the workplace.

Equality doesn’t mean Special Protected Class

The problem is, since the original Women’s movements of suffrage and the Seventies, women now have a desire to be treated special. A good example of this is Warren’s lying about a non-existent Native American heritage to score a job at Harvard Law. Another good one is how Clinton cheated to gain a nomination she might not have won if she had played by the rules. This is not equality, this is cheating; plain and simple. Yet, we’re supposed to turn a blind eye to it.

If you really look at Clinton, she’s no feminist at all. She rode her husband’s coattails to every public position she’s held in her adult life. First Lady of Arkansas and the White House, Senator and Secretary of State didn’t come to her because she was particularly gifted in any area or intelligent, they came to her because she is Bill Clinton’s wife. Why else would a women like her stay with a infamous skirt-chasing sexual predator? There’s no other plausible explanation for being publicly humiliated and continue to ‘stand by her man!’ This is not feminism. Real feminists don’t ride on any man’s coattails. The only thing Clinton has managed to irk out in the way of notoriety is criminality which is mind-boggling to most, not to mention – blatant.

If you look at Conway and Sanders, I’d venture to say many of you don’t even know what their husbands look like; much less what they do for a living. With the First Lady, she was a successful international model long before meeting the business tycoon. She had her own accomplished life and, when they met, wasn’t fawning all over him – an action he claims made her stand out from all the other women.

Additionally, if you really examine their lives on a personal level, each juggles  a demanding work life, children and husbands, yet they manage to do all with a seemingly effortless cadence. When was the last time we saw any old school, self-proclaimed feminist in a power position get so much done? Nancy Pelosi can’t even remember which President is in the White House half the time – yet she’s supposedly is the poster gal for all that’s feminist in America?


If you have a daughter, who would you want her to aspire to be like? Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Elizabeth Warren?

Get with the program… it’s a new dawn rising, gals!

Oh, the Chelsea Handlers of the world would find this declaration  insulting; however, they’re the ones who are burying their heads in the piles of Gloria Steinem dung, based in the 1960s mentality.  It would seem for all the progress women have experienced, women like failed comic Handler would come to realize the fact that conservatism is actually becoming the new deal for women! Thus, conservative women possess just as feminist qualities (if not more) as those old revolutionary, bra-burning, beauty pageant protesting gals of yesteryear.

In conclusion, it’s time women across America started upping their standards and take another look at the new faces of feminism. Given their inner and outer beauty along with their moxie and smarts, they’re pretty darn hard to ignore!

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