Reagan Showed Grace Under Fire

Back in 1976, Ronald Reagan had gone through a very heated primary with President Gerald Ford. Instead of doing what Ted Cruz (R-TX) did last night by failing to put his country before his personal slights, then candidate Reagan supported his party without a glimmer of doubt.

As you will see in his speech at the 1976 RNC Convention, Reagan showed the country and the world, he was a better person than all the scuffle. He demonstrated to us why he was worthy of his landslide just a mere four years later after one term of Democrat President, Jimmy Carter.

It’s a shame when politicians let their emotions get the better of them. Grudges have no place in our arenas when so much is at stake! It’s also sad to see Cruz supporters still beating their tired drums, when it’s over.

Some have claimed that Cruz committed Political Suicide last night. Perhaps time will prove this to be true. Only time will tell.

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