Protocol Moment #1

As we learn about other countries’ cultures, one thing becomes apparent – most countries consider a person speaking ill about their country’s fellow countrymen as treasonous. So I ask, why didn’t Obama’s administration or the Democrats never got this memorandum?

If major corporations have protocol classes for people going abroad to conduct business, one would think our government would have the same – if not, better, protocol classes for diplomats and presidents! Apparently, the Democrats skipped those classes like they skipped the Classified Info handling sessions.

To other countries, they consider it in ill form for a leader of another to go around the world, disparaging their own people. Therefore, the apology tours of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s demonetization of the hard working Americans is not something that delights other world leaders. This vilification of Americans on their part has no doubt left a bad taste in other country leaders’ mouths and its probably one of the reasons why many are happy to see Barack Obama leave the presidency.

Perhaps they, too, also hope Americans come to their senses and stop voting for people who are obviously not patriotic.

The civil unrest propagated by Democrats also doesn’t endear them to other world leaders. Most leaders like to minimize unrest not forward and encourage it. As BLM has now moved on to the UK, surely Parliament is none too happy with Obama’s support of the organization!

Basically, they’ve made us the laughing stock of the world stage while thinking they are the hot stuff for doing it. They foolishly believe this is making them look good to the world. But is it?

China’s obvious disrespect for Obama during his G20 visit in early September is a good indication they are less than impressed – as well as the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte calling him “a son of a whore.” Either way, it doesn’t bode well for our history as it shows voting to make a historical statement was wasted on the wrong person all along.

Incidentally, this is not the first time China has been disrespectful towards Obama. Here’s an article from 2014 where he was disrespected on his three-day trip.

No country values leaders who vilify their own people! No country’s people look on it all that highly as we saw from the UK’s reaction to Obama weighing in on their election on leaving the European Union.

It’s one thing to say your opponent is not fit but a completely different situation when you bad mouth the people you want to vote for you! You never hear Trump badmouthing Clinton voters nor Mike Pence or any other surrogate of their campaign! And this is making a huge statement throughout the world about the Democrats and their treasonous statements towards their country and its citizens!

Just food for thought…

Also noteworthy, you don’t hear other world leaders calling Donald Trump a racist. The only ones doing that are the people he threatens for a variety of reasons — namely the people who went around the world trying to demonize Americans to other countries.

Guess we now see whose won the ‘back of the queue’ and it’s certainly not the American public but the Democrat leadership!

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