PROTESTERS: Do They Even Know Why They’re Protesting?

From the look on Tucker’s face, we knew what was coming… and it was ugly! Really ugly!

Last night on Tucker Carlson, an interview left me wondering if these protesters even have a real stance or are they just out there making noise for the hell of it?

When asked why he was protesting, Shane Saunders made a blanket statement about legislation President Trump was supposedly passing against LGBT community, yet when Tucker pushed him to name specifics, the wayward protest ‘leader’ kept changing the subject and never answered the question. Instead, he accused Carlson of changing the subject, which is completely false. Considering he didn’t have any answers, it would bode his protest antics are noting more than a dog and pony show.

It seems many protestors are hard pressed to explain the reason they’re out touting signs with MSM fake news memes and crying for ‘justice’ against a president who hasn’t broken the law. We’ve seen it in every interview that these clueless minions have no idea why they are protesting, which leads one to believe, they’re on someone’s pay dole — most likely someone connected to Obama and/or Hillary Clinton.

Shane Saunders: Rebel without a Clue – giving new meaning to the word, Clueless!

Also yesterday, Jack Posobiec was in a Periscope told us how he happened on this protest and said there were only a couple of hundred people there; including Chelsea Clinton and the disgraced New York City Mayor, Bill deBlasio. He reiterated that contrary to what the media was reporting (and apparently Saunders) there was nothing near the crowds for this event.

Is Saunders trying to hoodwink us? The answer is an astounding YES!

However, his impact is not what he believes it to be. In fact, the so-called impact only irritates people who are ready to get back to work and see a more prosperous America again.

The media and people like Saunders are so marred in dogma while making their three-month long temper tantrum relative in a world where they have no relevance, they have resorted to flat out lying about their cause and their rebellion without any pause. There is no cause. They simply don’t like Donald Trump. It has nothing to do with anything he’s doing or any of the initiatives to make Americans his number one priority. In fact, when asked, they can’t even come up with any intelligible answer as seen from this show!

Had Saunders bothered to deal in reality and really look at what the President has been passing, he’d find it has nothing to do with the LGBT community and he, in fact, has preserved the advances for gays in the workplace set forth by Barack Obama. So why is he there? At this point, we don’t even think Saunders knows the reason.

Well, if Tucker couldn’t get it out of him, chances are, there is no point. Just a way to get on the Carlson show during primetime. However, the only thing it did was verify many people’s feelings that these so-called protesters don’t have one clue why they’re there.

Yet another example how Donald Trump has brought paying jobs back to America. All these protesters have jobs – agitating and bitching all day is their job! Hope the IRS is keep tabs on those 1099s, as they will be responsible for paying the tax man when 2017 is through!

Until then, keep cheering… Saunders and his group are making an impact at giving us excellent argument why the Trump Administration should get eight years — not just four.

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