President Trump: Making History Once Again

It’s the first time a non-political class commoner became President of the United States since probably George Washington. President Trump now embarks on his first diplomatic trip abroad to meet with world leaders on their turf. While he’s only been gone a couple of days from the DC sect, he has been discrediting his critics whom claimed before his voyage that he wasn’t fit to represent the United States to the rest of the world.

Using their Fake News Media propaganda, they had many non-believers in an uproar that he would ask for Diet Coke and two scoops of ice cream while embarrassing our country with his first world tour. However, as much naysaying that went on, he’s proved them wrong – and let me remind you, it’s not the first time!

The President is the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall in Israel this morning (4:00pm Israel time). Respecting the importance and gravity of the event, he took a few moments in quiet contemplation, touching the wall as if to absorb the enormity of it all. Hardly something a poodle president would do as touted by those on CNN and MSNBC before the trip. He demonstrated a strength and leadership that should make all Americans proud.

Unlike his predecessor, there is no apology tour going on in this trip. In his speech yesterday at the Arab Islamic American Summit, he made it abundantly clear that his leadership will in no way impose our lifestyle and values in governance on other nations anymore. (No more nation building? What a refreshing thought!) He further solidified that while his main objective is to put Americans first, he would support other nations in their pursuit for peaceful coexistence on the globe we all share as humanity. Furthermore, his speech demonstrated he was able to project a persona of power while not diminishing other countries’ right to be powerful, too.

This is what true diplomacy looks like, folks. I realize it’s been a seriously long time since we had a true president in the White House and after 8 long years of apology tours, it’s nice to finally have one back at the helm, guiding America to prosperity and peace again. President Trump demonstrated that he doesn’t have to diss Americans or our values and lifestyle to other world leaders in order to have a seat at the world table.

As for his detractors, once again, they have proven themselves to be lacking credibility in their claims and completely consumed with Trump Hate. There’s an old adage that says, whatever you resist, persists. It seems this is not lost on the mainstream media bent on defiling our President at every turn. In the process, they are losing whatever dignity they may feel they have left when he proves them wrong time and time again.

One would think they’d learn, but it’s clear they’re far from the brightest bulbs on the Christmas Tree.

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