President Trump & Hostile Fake News Media Week!

Last week marked a tumultuous week for the press and President Donald Trump. It started with the fake stories about Russian connections (the old new news) and ended with a tweet, stating the President wouldn’t be attending the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Of course, many anti-Trumpers weighed in with snarky, crude remarks about him being a coward but I think they’re missing the point.

Why should the President subject himself to an evening of what he puts up with day-in and day-out from a hostile press? Let’s face it, we all know how they have been unrelenting on their criticism – calling him everything from Hitler to the destroying America; even though the Stock Market has seen huge gains (20.8K closing for the week,) a rise in consumer confidence and hope; and jobs coming back to life.

While this is a tradition, what the complaining press doesn’t relay (and there’s so much they don’t these days) is most presidents do not attend all of these dinners. Therefore, President Trump isn’t doing anything so outlandish, yet they seem to take it as an affront.

The media seems to be about as offended as a prudish, prohibition ninny from the late 1800s. They complain about everything. Last Friday when the White House held a small gaggle, CNN, the New York Times and others were all aflutter over not being invited to the affair; claiming there was some kind of First Amendment violation there.

Interesting, kids like Jake Tapper don’t understand what 1A is when it relates to the religious part of that bit nor have these media elites ever endured the trials and tribulations of James O’Keefe, who have been viciously attacked by the previous Administration after his expose on Planned Parenthood’s baby part yard sale.

They cry in their soup and all over Twitter as they make ridiculous claims, when in fact, all administrations – at one point or another – have held small gaggles that didn’t included every WH correspondent.

New Administration, New Rules

The press is suffering from a smackdown that has them being called out for their fake stories. For example, the situation with Ryan Clayton, a former Huffington Post reporter who handed out Russian flags at CPAC last week and got thrown out. He is a Bob Creamer operative, exposed (once again) by Project Veritas head, O’Keefe.

Another incident involved their misleading people about the FBI/Reince Priebus situation where the FBI contact him about the Russian stories in the New York Times being complete balderdash. Somehow, the media switched it around to look as if Priebus had approached them to kill the narrative, indicating this was some shady wrong doing. Incidents like these make it clear the media is going after the Trump Administration without any regard to truth whatsoever.

It’s the fakery such as this that further marginalizes the media and makes them propagandists over news journalists. Their affinity to journalistic integrity is demonstratively absent these days, yet it seems they’re the only ones missing this point. The American public was polled and only about 20% of the public even believes them anymore. In another poll over 87% believed President Trump over the media. Even with such a bad review, they continue in this downward spiral with their credibility completely lost.

In all honesty, the dinner should be cancelled altogether. What do they have to celebrate? Is this just a roast in the case of the Trump Administration?

As for President Trump skipping the event, it’s a good sign he’s not going to placate to their crybaby demands – as he shouldn’t. He has bigger fish to fry – like Making America Great Again. He sees most of the media as being part of the problem – and not, part of the solution. Hence, it was a good measure for him to put his appearance in with people who support Americans – and diss the ones who do not.

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