Powell: Victim or Culpable?

The big gab of last weekend is Colin Powell’s denial that he ‘schooled‘ Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton on email protocol. Seems he doesn’t recall this fictitious dinner where he spoke of his AOL account, yet, that’s what she told the FBI when she enjoyed their milk and cookies appointment on July 2nd. (Of course, mind you, she wasn’t under oath – but hey, it’s Hillary we’re talking about – as many in Congress will tell you, oaths don’t mean a whole lot either.)

As the rhetoric heats up on election front, it seems Clinton is doubling down on her ignorance of all things technical while assuring she’s never been hacked. This latest slam is one of her most brilliant yet because it was speculated the General and former Secretary of State was possibly going to endorse her.

Will Powell endorse her now? At this point, we don’t know…

In his statement, Powell obviously didn’t take too kindly to being thrown under the bus. He says that she had her server a year before he emailed her about his use of his personal account for unclassified emails. Furthermore, to clarify, he also reiterates that back when he was Secretary of State, the system at the State Department did not allow emails from outside the agency; therefore, it was a completely different set up than what they had while Clinton was in the same position.

How could Gen. Powell be culpable for Clinton’s lie to the FBI?

Well, ever since his big party sellout to Obama in 2008. Going to such lengths to endorse a candidate, whom as history now dictates to be a totally inept at anything to do with nation running or foreign policy, he proved to be not the greatest pick of presidential potentials. Sadly, the General’s judgment fell prey to the gender/racial politics which permeates our overly PC world today – hence, making historical statements with votes rather than voting on things like character, honestly, abilities and knowledge of pertinent subject matter.

Furthermore, as Judge Jeanine said on her show a few weeks ago to FBI Director James Comey, “When you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

Well, Thornton here says, “A huge flea just bit Powell on the proverbial nose.”

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