Politics and Entertainment Don’t Mix!

Doesn’t it ever make you wonder why Hollywood continues to weigh in on politics when the Trump Revolution continues to rebuke those who do? It would seem fiscally wise to just remain mute if one doesn’t fancy a world leader, yet many entertainers seem to enjoy being the mouthpieces for a dying party.

Failure to learn from precedent

Jane Fonda experienced this from her Hanoi Jane days during the Vietnam War. Afterwards, her popularity plummeted to the point where she still hasn’t fully recovered. Being the daughter of Henry Fonda coupled with her acting ability, she should’ve been bigger than someone like Cameron Diaz; however, after the North Vietnam incident, her star soon faded and now she’s doing a serial show on Netflix instead of doing 3-4 major box office movies. Sure, she’s wealthy but her relevance has never returned to its former splendor. In fact, there’s Vietnam veterans to this day that refuse to see anything she’s in — not good for someone who makes bank off their popularity.

Celine Dion is just the latest songbird mouthpieces who felt it was her place to speak out about our President. However, let us not forget, Ms. Dion is Canadian and not really impacted by the Trump Administrations policies — or is she?

Financially speaking, when the country enjoys monetary prosperity, the public is more out to make purchases on luxury items. Nothing can be more luxury and intangible as music. Ms. Dion’s fortune is based on said music, yet she doesn’t seem to mind biting the hand that feeds her. In short, a poor America doesn’t have money to funnel into her pockets.

Can anyone say, NFL?

We’ve seen this continuously throughout the election and now into the first Trump year, entertainers trying to make their beliefs relevant to their fans. Somehow they got this belief that their personal politics matter to the people who pay to see them perform. However, where has this virtue signaling gotten the NFL? Empty seats, falling ratings which correlates into sponsorship abandonment. Nobody is watching because no one wants to see politics in their entertainment!

In a broader spectrum, the Hollywood crowd has taken many hits in 2017 with the outing of such entertainers as Kevin Spacey. Due to his shortfalls, House of Cards was dropped from Netflix and the production’s future is in a state of limbo due to his removal from the show’s roster. And of course, how could we forget Harvey Weinstein and his accusers coming forward with tales of molestation and power abuse. He has all but faded from the red carpet limelight and now takes down other stars with him – like Meryl Streep and her bout with #SheKnew.

You can’t charge $100,000 a week in Vegas if nobody goes to your show…

What is so amazing about these performers is they don’t think about their own financial perseverance. The way entertainers get paid puts them in a tenuous position when speaking out about their views. Their (along with their personnel’s) whole livelihood depends solely on public sponsorship and if that star falls, they are thrown into the “Where Are They Now” file much like Judy Garland experienced before her untimely death. This relegation to irrelevancy and obscurity seems to never factor into some’s comments when their political views would be best left on the personal-inner circle arena instead of publicly displayed.

A speck of history

Leni Riefenstahl

For those with academic study in Nazi Germany, it was common for the Third Reich to use popular German entertainers to spread their ideological propaganda. Josef Goebbels, the minister of propaganda even went so far as to finance film productions by actress turned filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl, to make glorious cinematic gems like Triumph of the Will and Olympia based on Berlin hosted 1936 Olympics. A quick search on YouTube can give you a selection of her work done for the Hitler regime. While she was a gifted filmmaker, she faded into obscurity after the fall of the Third Reich. Amazingly, she wasn’t incarcerated though tried in the Nuremberg Trials, but the rest of her life was spent in disgrace, searching for a way to regain her relevance.

Could contemporary performers be used like this by the Left? Absolutely and one would think by all the whining, it is part of the Left’s current Trump-Hate Agenda.

Suggestion to Ms. Dion is to visit with her fellow songbird gal pal, Barbra Streisand, have pancakes together and cry their woes over Trump’s presidency, privately. Perhaps then, the public will start buying their wares again. Until then, I guess they’ll fall by way of Chelsea Handler and her ilk – instant turnoffs in every manner.

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