Political Fodder or Dangerous Reality?

By Thornton Crowe

The purpose of this article is to enlighten my many wayward friends who still sit on the fence about who they should cast their vote for in the Fall.

One thing that has been particularly disturbing about the public shrug off towards Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is this:

Does the general public really understand just what it all meant?

benghazi-hearing03.w529.h352With Democrats running subversive tactics to shield the ugly truth while trying to make Republicans look like they’re on some Agatha Christie Witch Hunt, it’s no wonder many Americans allotting a whole hour for news a day, will not fully grasp the deal behind the deal of this scandal. It’s easy to fall prey to Megyn Kelly telling you ‘it’s only politics’, but it goes so much deeper than mere politics. It actually goes as deep as Clinton Cash, where the onion layers are so many, it’s hard to peel in 20 minutes or less.

We can all sit around and hypothesize whether or not Clinton possessed a criminal intent, but it still doesn’t erase the cold-hard facts. By placing top secret emails on an unsecured, undocumented private home-brew server, she is telling Americans she’s dangerous, bent on selling out America. Her own lies about said SERVERS and DEVICES (plural and emphasized) are indicative of what we call, Guilty Knowledge. Meaning, she knew what she did was illegal and tried to conceal it from Congress, but more importantly, you, the American voters.

With this article, I task you to investigate the reality behind the hyperbole and decide for yourself if this is really what we would deem presidential behavior.

If you take the time to really process what this says, you’ll quickly see this has nothing to do with political parties or some big, mystical Right Wing Conspiracy. There’s some real concerns – no, evidence – for worry as to our safety.

It’s four easy points, you can’t afford to ignore.


Why did she have servers in her basement when she has the whole of our government to keep all her communications safe at her disposal?

Clinton maintained it was for ‘convenience.’ 

Congress_Benghazi-0c34aWell, being the Secretary of State entails being inconvenienced sometimes, particularly when working with classified documents and communications. Is it her job to maintain this information in the strictest confidence while keeping us safe? Yes.

So, how is it safe when foreign actors can gain our most classified information simply by hacking into her unprotected system? Anyone with reason can clearly see, it’s far from safe, it’s dangerous.

Does Hillary Clinton make YOU feel safe?

Anyone looking at this first point would have to question her choice between our safety verses convenience, she demonstratively took the latter.


Why was there a need for off-radar servers?

If Clinton was purely altruistic and honest, why would she desire a server system off the grid? There’s virtually nothing about our classified information that denotes this as logical.

Furthermore, there in lies what every right thinking person would call, intent.

In fact, all work-related communications are subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) . The mishandling of said information is illegal because her home servers hid it and then she purposefully move it from the government to an unsecured device(s). Anything the Secretary of State – or any other department within the Federal Government – is ours. We bought it. We paid for it.

So why is out there of for everyone in the world to see?


Why lie?

What was the purpose of the lying to Congress after shielding the existence of these servers? 

Again, if Clinton was a law-abiding person, she wouldn’t have hidden its existence in the first place. Furthermore, as we now know from FBI Director James Comey, there was not one, but several servers and devices. (Hardly convenient.) Clinton repeatedly lied to  us and Congress about the number of devices and servers involved.

She only confessed to their existence when ‘caught‘ with the goods.

For honest people, this is probably the most troubling of the entire caper.

While we can understand why the State Department didn’t want us rooting through her clearance level intel, the fact remains consistent, they knew she had illegal servers and neglected to admit it, until… they were caught with the goods. Additionally, Director Comey’s statements of facts, verifies Clinton’s extreme carelessness with this sensitive information.

Most Disturbing…

For those who don’t understand clearance and classified information, let me boil it down to normal comprehension as the government always complicates the simple.

Special Access Programs (SAPs) are so high even Congress is not cleared to read them. (Bear in mind, the FBI is not clear whether or not the people, her lawyers, read this highly sensitive information when they performed their churn & burn before handing over her emails to the State Department.) They range from telling locations of covert assets (spies) to potential enemy actors plotting to do harm to the United States in any capacity – financial, hacking and  attacks. And if breached, they endanger not only our intelligence community but each and every one of us. This is serious beyond reason and why many in Congress questioned Benghazi with deeper scrutiny.


Why all the truculence when questioned by Congress?

151021-hillary-clinton-2013-jan-benghazi-testify-01_019b7847b9ca4f99f462c56c24fa2edc.nbcnews-fp-360-360It is normal for a review committee to conduct investigations and hearings when situations go a rye. Congress was merely doing it’s job as per their sworn oath. They were representing us in trying to ascertain what happened in Benghazi, not just to give the victims’ families closure. One of the functions is to discern if a breach could have been avoided in some way — perhaps through some procedural change or policy adjustment.

Why was Clinton so belligerent during the hearings pertaining to Benghazi?

Usually people get pretty worked up when cornered. As we see with children, nothing puts a person in a tizzy faster than being caught in a lie. Often times, the web of deception becomes so convoluted, it’s hard for even the savviest of liars to keep up with its many twists and turns.

Basic FACT: Clinton and her team’s lies about a YouTube video unraveled when Congress discovered she admitted it was a terrorist attack to many on the actual night of said attack. The video ‘story’ came later. Yet, even though she was clearly busted, she got more angry because with every unraveling of one lie, another came forth and the list became long. As Congressmen Chaffetz, Issa, Jordan and Gowdy exposed her dishonesty in a public forum, her anger was more for the fact she could not longer cover up her dereliction of duty.

In short, that pivotal moment, she’s proven her incompetence for her many foils and bungling while at the State Department. If anything, her resume lays out a well-routed argument why she is unfit to be the President of the United States. However, in her mind, she really doesn’t care about her misdeeds or continual trails of untruths, even when sitting before a Congressional Panel.

To her, she was untouchable.
It turns out, she is untouchable… or is she?

As long as some sit at big fancy desks in DC whom owe her for their position, probably. However, we the people don’t need to buy her chuck n’ jive!

Why? Because we don’t owe her anything.


I can’t tell you who to vote for, nor would I even want to try. However, you can’t walk into November 8th with eyes wide shut. Information is power and now you have a tidbit more than you had twenty minutes ago. All I can say is, use it wisely.

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