Our President Trump is Huge in Poland

Waking up before Dawn, I was fortunate to tune into President Trump’s speech in Warsaw. Amazing the sight to behold, hundreds of Polish residents, flying American flags and carrying signs of Trump while screaming “USA! USA! USA!” Certainly more American flags there than I see driving around Salisbury on Independence Day!

And the speech — not a whisper of an apology – not an ounce of disdain towards America or Poland. It was a powerful speech, as most of his are, and it resonated with his audience in a very real, meaningful way. It was stirring, enlightening and uplifting, yet to the point. He admits he will have to entertain doing things like deal with North Korea in a very stern fashion, but the people he was talking to understood the why… so why can’t some Americans?

It leaves one to ponder, why is it our president is more popular in other countries than here in the States? The answer is easy: Some Americans act like spoiled brats. It’s really that simple.

Poland, as with other countries throughout the world, live under oppression everyday. They don’t have the luxury of free speech or snowflake temper tantrums. No, they have dictators who monitor their every move and watch their every thought. And they appreciate strong leaders who believe in their countrymen without fail. They see Trump as a beacon of greatness, power and strength. They don’t care about his tweets even though they, too, have Twitter. They see him as a hero!

There’s no vagina hats or Madonna talking about blowing up the White House or Johnny Depps talking about the last time an actor assassinated a president. Hardly. There’s real patriots – patriots we should have here more so than anywhere else in the world. We are lucky to live under his leadership and should be proud that we have someone so dedicated to us and making our individual lives better!

What does that say about Americans who continuously bash him and trash him? Well, it’s pretty simple, we look disgraceful. We look ungrateful. We look spoiled to the core. We are irreverent and disrespectful.

I dare say, in Poland, they would never be allowed to entertain a play illustrating the assassination of their leader. In fact, they would probably be jailed and possibly executed for and act of treason.

Americans just don’t realize how lucky we are. We sit here, watching our disgusting news media trash and burn Trump everyday and think nothing about the absolute travesty it is – as well as our own bad form for allowing it. Watching the speech below, you can tell, the people of Poland appreciate our leader with great love and enthusiasm much like he gets from our rallies.

What about the Magical snowflakes of the our country who brand him a rapist and trash him like CNN? All they do is complain, blame, feign offense and wonder why their corrupt criminal lost the election. In short, they act like morons and then have the audacity to preach about civility.

We’d better get our act together because we look bad for dissing on Trump not for electing him. And to the rest of the world, it shows just how charismatic he is now! Time to buck up and really take a deeper look in the mirror because the only problem you really have with Donald Trump is actually with yourselves and your own warped worldview from limited experience. Grow Up!

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