OPINION: John McCain, A Thorn in America’s Side?

The news media would have you believe John McCain (R-AZ) is a leader in the GOP party but is he? He certainly doesn’t speak for most Americans who happily voted for Donald Trump to be our 45th President.

Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of McCain.  I didn’t vote for McCain in 2008, that was the one election I sat out because, to me, it was like picking between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Really a vote casted for either was actually one for the same globalist agenda for which I’ve never prescribed to in any way.

Ungrateful Hackery

During this election, even with Trump’s endorsement to save his failing campaign, McCain has continually spit in everyone’s face with his high brow rhetoric about how much he hates Trump. He’s made it no secret that he detests him but it’s not just about the ‘being captured’ remark made early in Trump’s primary election campaign. To honest, even President Trump regretted endorsing him in retrospect.

And yes, his wounds go deeper than anything he got in Vietnam. He holds an utter disdain for Trump and it’s as obvious as the marks on his face.

Could it be that Trump accomplished what he couldn’t close in 2008? Was it the fact that Trump, the common man, rose up and beat out the big bad Clinton machine? Could it be sheer jealousy that blinds him and causes him to feel some moral high ground where none exists? Could it be that McCain and Clinton are in bed together and he stands to lose a lot of money by putting America First? Is he afraid now that Trump is president, he will finally be brought to justice for the years of deceit and corruption he’s perpetrated while in public service?

If I were a betting person, I’d say its a mixture of all of the above and much, much more.

Dubious Past

McCain hasn’t been the shining example of morality as he’s always lived just shy of law-abiding in the moral/legal continuum. He’s stayed in that gray area that’s kept him from serving any time for crimes he has allegedly done to others. His associations have been questionable and his traitorous acts during his ‘POW’ days have now come to light, which liken him to John Kerry. He betrayed other POWs in order to evade harsh torture – or so many say. Not a hero’s journey and certainly not someone most would want in their foxhole during times of war.

Then there was the whole deal in the Eighties… I remember the whole Charlie Keating affair where he was suspected of taking bribes from the Savings & Loan wheeler and dealer. McCain was accused of being one of five politicians who took bribes from the S&L swindler who ended up being indicted and prosecuted for his dishonest practices. McCain got off for his part in the situation but only by the skin of his teeth, yet when asked about it, he still remains quite pompous about his so-called exoneration in the ordeal.

Last month, he was neck-deep in the Russian dossier that now has Buzzfeed in court and most people angry with the media due to their obvious bashing job. Yes, his buddy Lindsay Graham attempted to come to his rescue on news programs like O’Reilly, but the damage was done. As the real story unfolded, we all learned it was a hit job commissioned by Jeb Bush and then picked up by McCain to slander the President-Elect.

Then we have the ‘crank call incident‘ where he blew his proverbial wad to someone on the phone, representing himself as a Prime Minister from the Ukraine. McCain just can’t stay out of his own way, much less the rest of America.

His latest bent at defending the media make him the MSM sweetheart du jour but he’s not winning over Americans who voted for Trump. Most see him as a traitor and as far from martyrdom as anyone can possibly be. In fact, many people are thanking their lucky stripes and stars he didn’t win in 2008 – yes, Republicans saying they are glad he was not elected! Now, this says a lot right there.

Is McCain really a hero or a nemesis of America?

The answer depends on the day and who you ask. His remarks in Munich are indicative he’s more foe than friend to the American people. We didn’t like it when Obama went on his diss-America tour throughout the world, so why McCain believes he will garner any better snaps is a mystery.

Instead, McCain has become a black mark on both the Senate (along with crazy Little Big Liar Warren and Chuckie Schumer) as well as the GOP. It’s a shame the RNC doesn’t oust him because he clearly doesn’t embody the values conservatives should hold. His big government, war hawk stance is legendary as we’ve seen over the years him pimp for both.

To many, he’s seen as a whishy washy guy who needs to retire from the Senate and take up fishing or some other raisin ranch activity that doesn’t involve talking about out government or our president! It is clear McCain doesn’t respect the American people’s choice in presidents so, it would behoove him to move out of the way and let the adults do the heavy lifting instead of continually being under foot and a nuisance.

If anything, both he and Graham are a part of the problem not part of the solution to Americans’ woes.

Let’s face it, John McCain and Lindsay Graham are everything we all voted against last November… and everyone knows this but them! Maybe they both should wise-up!

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