Old Al

Everyone in America is more than familiar with the Reverend Al Sharpton — he’s been at ground zero for just about every race-baiting event and incident since the Seventies and stirring up trouble among the Black communities throughout the country. In many forums, he’s referred to as an activist – a social justice warrior – but is he?

Beginning in February, Sharpton has gabbed on every news and talk show who allows him to spew his hate speech,  bashing his former friend and patron (yes, you read that right, patron) Donald Trump, calling him a racist and threatening to leave the country should Trump become president. Wonder why he’s suddenly turned on his old buddy whose helped him raise money all these years?

Sharpton, like most Americans, knows Trump is not a racist. In fact, Trump’s involvement and support of the Black community has spanned almost four decades and paved pathways in many ways. For example, when a private golf club in Florida refused admission for Blacks and Jewish people, he rallied to get the by laws changed in order for minorities to gain entrance.

The fact is, Sharpton had no problem with Trump before he began his presidential  campaign. He had no problem continuously going to Trump over the years for donations for his various causes (and lining his pockets) so why is he now protesting a man whose been, what seems to be, a long time friend? Could it have anything to do with his back taxes? Could it be that he realizes unlike other politicians, Trump’s anti-establishment scares him as he’s been a part of the establishment he’s been supposedly rallying against for many years? One has to wonder where all Sharpton’s Trump hate stems from and why.

One has to remember whenever they listen to old Al and his Trump bashing rants that racial division is his stock and trade. Its the way he’s made money for decades. He has profited off his own people’s suffering without so much as a mere apology. And made a lot of money he has — let’s face it, you can’t run up $4.5M in back taxes without making some serious cash. In one list, Sharpton is reportedly worth $5M but with a tax bill of nearly that much, it is a good guess he’s worth a lot more.

The point is, he’s manage to evade taxes for many years – to the point where the government is ready to yank his passport. Yet more evidence of our two tier justice system because if that were you or me, we would already be in jail for evading taxes no matter the amount. This is an amazing amount of money. Most people don’t even make this kind of money, working their whole lives. It’s certainly not what one would expect a pastor turned activist to make either.

Trump has made it clear, he’s a law and order candidate. During the primary, while he didn’t use those exact words, he emanated as such when he said he was the outsider – not one of the establishment that profits off the backs of taxpayers. Given that Sharpton is breaking the law – this probably doesn’t sit well with him either. Is Al afraid that he will no longer be able to skate on his taxation issues should Trump become president? Would say this is part of the situation but it goes much deeper.

Many of you are aware that back in July, a former prosecutor filed a civil complaint in Dallas after the horrific Black Lives Matter protest shooting left five officers dead and many others injured. The lawsuit is for $2B and the defendant list reads like the Who’s who of the black racism coalition. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, DeRay McKesson (BLM Leader) — all named as defendants in this precedent case. The charge is race baiting and inciting the race war which led to the officers’ deaths by sniper fire.

However, this is not the first time Sharpton has been called out legally for such actions. In January 2015,  Florida’s Sun Sentinel article told about Judge John J. Hurley accused him of race baiting in a situation where an armed Black perpetrator tried to flee from the police and Sharpton defended the action as a ‘black man running from the police’ due to fear of the law.

Could it also stand to reason that with a Trump presidency, America’s racial tensions will quill, thus, leaving Sharpton and others of his ilk looking for other ways to feather their nests? Surely it’s a scary thought to folks like Sharpton as Trump  continues to rally for all citizens regardless of race to come together in a cohesive body of American citizens.

Poor Al. His threats to leave the US may be in vain. Being that the government has officially grabbed his passport, even when Trump is elected, he will not be able to seek political asylum in lands faraway unless he ponies up his back taxes and makes good with the IRS. Therefore, sadly, he will continue race baiting America until he has to cough up his portion of a possible $2B restitution to Dallas victims!

Now, I task you… who is the real racist?

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