Obamanomics Strikes Again!

Last night on the Dave Ramsey show, a most interesting reminder of Obamanomics as it rears it’s ugly head once again. This time, it was about the health insurance industry that will have you steaming!

As Ramsey stated, people are more interested in Hillary Clinton’s diapers, they’re missing the bigger catastrophe that awaits should Donald Trump not win the presidency — and here’s why…

It seems many insurance companies are going to raise their health insurance premiums between 44-68% next year. This is a pretty provocative and expensive escalation for every American as it’s now mandated we all must have health insurance or face some federal penalty! (A most unconstitutional mandate.)

Wasn’t it Obama and Nancy Pelosi who promised us that insurance for everyone would go down with the Affordable Healthcare Act?

The title “Affordable” is a grossly deceptive statement as we’ve all seen increases since its beginning — but now, with the above percentages, it’s about to hit you like an 18-wheeler hitting a wall going 140mph!

This political play is trying to move the country to a single-payer system which is worse that what we had prior to government’s power grab in our healthcare industry. It’s downright criminal the ruse – fraud – that’s been played on Americans under the guise of feel-good rhetorical lies and grandstanding.

Per Ramsey, the insurance industry is one seventh of our economy – a huge chunk – and with Obamacare forcing businesses and people to buy health insurance, this means a huge blow you everyone’s bottom line. With these escalated prices to businesses, once again, we are faced with more price hikes. He reasons are clear and make sense: [paraphrased] “If the price jeans went up 68%, people would be marching on Washington, but most will silently endure this increase without so much as a whimper.”

The sad part is he’s spot on. Most people will just dismiss it but when they go to the store and sudden prices increase, they’ll just think it’s corporate greed. This meme is an age-old Capitalism is bad Dem logic that continues to permeate our society. Democrats are good at propagating that kind of nonsense to people whom they obviously think have the IQ of a gnat. The truth is, with this huge chunk of our economy going up, the ripple effect is the very thing Clinton mistakenly accused Trump’s policies the other night at the big debate. Its a trickle-down – but not of wealth – of more money being drained out of your pockets.

As their dutiful house pups, the media hasn’t made this inconvenient truth known to its viewers with the exception of Fox Business. CBS, NBC and ABC, once again, have neglected to inform the public about this impending train coming at them in full force because, after all, bashing Trump is much more fun for them. The DNC certainly doesn’t want this public because it paints Clinton in a worse light for propagating Obamanomics continuation as a win for voters.

Now this is something to get your knickers in a huge twist as it is demonstrative of the idiocy going on in DC right now that has to cease. With this economy ailing as it is and full-time gainful employment scarce, who can afford this? Could you afford your Old Navy jeans if they suddenly went from $30 a pair to $50.40? This is a steep take that only covers the hike in the insurance. Imagine how many people will be thrown out of employment then so companies can keep their prices at status quo or with minimal increases?

It’s time every voter become a junior economist because simply voting for social justice statements just doesn’t cut it anymore. Inform yourselves. In this election, voting is not just a responsibility but a duty.

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