Obamacare Failing? Say it Ain’t So!

Why is everyone shocked at a $26,000 healthcare premium going up to $40,000 per year? Does it really come as a surprise Obamacare is biting the big one?

Stunningly, people throughout America are waking up to the reality of Obamacare that people like the Tea Party and other great patriots have tried to warn them about long before 2010 when this unconstitutional legislation slipped through in the Democrat-controlled House, Senate and Presidency. Single-payer systems have shown dismal failures in places like Europe and Canada

Hint: why do you think many of Europeans and Canadians paid out-of-pocket to come to the States for medical procedures before Obamacare as opposed to wait in their own country to have it done there?

Side Note: Mitt Romney tried this stunt in Massachusetts when he was governor. Guess what? It also failed there, too. Hence, why it was an albatross around his neck during the 2012 election.

Yes, single-payer is a big bust, yet many were clamoring for healthcare solutions a la government instead of dealing with reality. Before 2010, if someone in the US wanted to be seen by a doctor, there were plenty of ways to do so without health insurance.

For example, I know someone personally who didn’t have healthcare insurance but needed a thyroidectomy. He was able to get it done with grants from his state and now, he has a normal life. These situations are not unique; however, the Democrats sold the country a bag of bad cookies when they pimped their Obamacare.

They claimed, deceptively, that no one could get insurance or healthcare without government intervention. False. False. And then more false. As you can see from the example above, people had more access to healthcare than anyone in DC would have you believe.

Could it be the insurance lobby was working overtime to get big ‘government bailouts’ at the time? The Obama team promised these insurance types big cash payouts if they signed on to their eventual single-payer, leaving consumers none the wiser to the ruse du jour.

Jonathan Gruber being interviewed by Tucker Carlson

Fast forward to 2017, the so-called Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, has openly stated on many talk shows like Tucker Carlson, that the system was always designed to move America towards the failed single payer system. He seemed to revel in the increasing premiums.

In fact, he’s not at all shocked at the escalated premiums or the hardships it causes many because after all, it is a way to get you, the American public, to start demanding single payer, government subsidized medicine.

Who lost in 2010? We all did. Now, healthcare has gone through the roof and the Obama crowd is laughing with glee — including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. (Of course, bear in mind the two aren’t having to survive Obamacare because they exempted themselves from it.)

It’s time to wake up, friends. You’ve been had in a most spectacular way. Do you really wonder now why they believe we will buy any half-baked story they try to sell us? Enough of us already proved we ain’t that bright sometimes!

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