#NYC Mayor de Blasio: Something Lost In Translation?

Liberal logic never ceases to amaze…So in his post-meeting wrap up, New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio gave a press conference outside Trump Towers. He yammered on about his meeting with President Elect Donald Trump about the ‘concerns’ his citizens were feeling about the deportation issue.

Some words that de Blasio conveniently left out were: Illegal Aliens.

Yes, while New York City has a rich history based in immigration to America for many during the decades, the key word is ‘legal immigrants.’ This is a factor that de Blasio and others of his ilk seem to miss in their interpretation of immigration. No one, including Trump is dissuading people from immigrating legally the United States. After all, the country is a mutt country – made up of all backgrounds, religions and countries; however, coming here legally verses illegally is a completely different story.

Once again, politics replaces concerns for public safety which makes New York a very unattractive city for many right now as de Blasio and his camp don’t care about the legal citizens; they’ve made it clear that illegal aliens take precedent in they minds. Please understand, illegal aliens are not covered under our Constitution, they are not subject to the same inalienable rights because their citizenship is not the US.

By virtue of them entering the country illegally or overstaying their VISAs, makes them a criminal seems to be lost on many legislators in both RINO and Democrat camps. They can’t seem to grasp this simple concept that we have laws and they need to be enforced.

As for creating a rip between law enforcement in New York and the legal citizenry – simple: not buying it. No one wants their communities put in peril because of criminal activity that often associates with illegal aliens. Let’s face it, if they were law abiding citizens in their own country, chances are they would’ve come to America legally. To say that law enforcement is not obligated to uphold our law is preposterous and no citizen would fault anyone for upholding the law.

The Left chuck n’ jive is still pushing their ideas because it helps them gain ‘illegal’ votes in elections. They can pull off the big cheats during elections comes from illegals voting when they don’t have the legal right to do so.

The fact is this, our laws are what they are and no amount of temper tantrum is going to change them. Democratic mayors can whine, cry, fuss and kick all they want to – but their defiance will only get them in legal trouble with the Federal Government as Federal laws trump State and Local when running counter to our Constitution.

Additionally, while he may state he’s looking out for the citizens of New York, he’s not. He’s actually using every legal taxpayers as a pawn in a very dangerous game of chicken which is unnecessary and frankly, juvenile. His job as mayor is to follow the laws and make sure everyone else follows them, too. Illegal aliens don’t follow laws or else, they wouldn’t be illegal!

It would be wise for people like de Blasio to get more familiar with the difference between legal verses illegal and act accordingly. It will save them a lot of grief in the long run.

PS, The owners of Tiffany’s or Gucci will probably not be too happy about de Blasio scoffing off the reporter’s question about the traffic issues around the Fifth Avenue vendors due to the paid Soros agitators. After all, without revenue, how would the Mayor get paid the big bucks?

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