#NY & #Chicago Mayors Just Told America, They’re Going To Break The Law! Can You Say, Intent!

Remember when Trey Gowdy said to FBI Director James Comey that perpetrators rarely announce they’re going to break the law? Well over this week, we’ve had that rare moment where soon-to-be defendants have announced, “They’re going to break the law!”

Since Trump’s election, Bill de Blasio and Rahm Emanuel have come out and confessed before committing a major crime that they have every intention of breaking the law…

While this action is illegal, it proves de Blasio and Emanuel put their politics over the safety of their citizens who are legal citizens. Both cities have high crime, largely from their illegal alien population but they both would rather make the sweeping statements to get their 10 seconds on media outlets rather than do their jobs!

In their truculence against the abolishment sanctuary cities stance Donald Trump touted on the campaign trail, the two mayors came forth, issuing their statements of defiance. Problem is, the law is not on their side — Local, State or Federal.

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As said on Mark Levin’s radio show last night – and confirmed by a Constitutional Legal source, these mayors are in for a legal tsunami that may just land them in prison for their brazen remarks should proposed actions follow suit. Contrary to their belief, they do not have the final word about illegal aliens in this country. They’re mouths are creating checks the law will keep them from cashing.

In reality this is what will happen. If they harbor and protect illegal aliens while not giving assistance to Federal agencies in charge of deporting them, a Federal Judge can (and will) hold them in contempt for breaking the law. It runs counter to their oaths to uphold and protect the US Constitution. They will be thrown in jail! Given it’s a contempt, they can be held in jail for an indefinite amount of time – i.e. whenever the judge feels they’ve ‘learned’ their lesson.

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These mayors don’t seem to understand the strait they’re in nor do they seem to understand the ‘intent’ precedent set this summer, they’ve answered any litigator, judge or grand jury’s need to intent to break the law because they’ve stupidly done press conferences.

Even if they manage to do this sanctuary nonsense for a period of time, are illegal aliens really safe in their cities? No. What DeBlasio and Emanuel did was essential begin a game of Chicken with ICE! My money’s on ICE because they have the power to go into their cities and perform massive sweeps – all condoned by our Federal laws.

Now illegals are reportedly demanding Obama to issue a pardon? Cannot tell you how hilarious this would be because in reality, they’re illegal aliens and not subject to our Constitution – a small detail they don’t seem to grasp. Perhaps it’s missed in translation.

All one can do now days is shake their heads at the stupidity of the Democrats still holding on to the last strands of power. They’re provocative challenges have become cheap parlor jokes that are sickening to watch as their meltdown into obscurity. The law is the law – face it Bill and Rahm, you’re on the wrong side of history here! All we can say is, “Don’t drop the soap!”

Just in: de Blasio shows up at Trump Towers today? Oh boy… that should be interesting! Would love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting! Boy, oh boy!

Soon to come – is the Democrats our modern-day Whig Party? Do you even know who the Whigs were?

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