Not So Deplorable…Correcting the Record

News came out September 23rd that Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald J. Trump for president. His Facebook statement below, he stated in keeping his pledge and because of Hillary Clinton’s absolutely would do more damage to America.

He cites not only Trump’s policies but also his picks for the Supreme Court being solid Constitutional Conservatives as another great reason for his change of heart.

I know I’ve been pretty rough on Cruz during the Primary/Convention but I’m please beyond words that he decided to endorse Trump. This along with with his fight to retain our Internet control have been most admirable in these last few weeks, so I felt it was imperative to set the record straight! This provocative move after the battle between the two during the Primary demonstrates Cruz’s leadership and sense of team spirit!

Thank you, Mr. Cruz!

Welcome to the Trump Train! Glad to have you onboard!

Stay calm and keep cheering… — Thornton

Ted Cruz’s Facebook Statement


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