Not Even 24-Hours Later…

Governor Cuomo of New York just made a stunning statement that the bomb incidents from yesterday in New York and New Jersey were “Not ISIS connected…” Didn’t we hear this about Fort Hood? Not Taliban related – yet, when they went over the perpetrator’s computer, there was communications between terrorist groups and all kinds of literature to indicate it was an act of terrorism.

Some political pundits argue that because we don’t know, its better to not blame a religion. No one has seen mass vigilante activity after these events in the past — even with 9/11; therefore, this excuse is just balderdash and nonsensical.

Terrorism is terrorism.

One would think Democrats would realize with Trump’s appeal to Americans, people like straight shooters not spin doctoring, conjecture and PC politics in times of crisis. They want to know the truth. Truth is, they don’t know whose responsible nor do they know if a group will claim responsibility in the upcoming days. They don’t have a crystal ball – and if they do, where can I buy one?

Why do these Democrats continue to downplay terrorism? Why do they foolish try to pitch this bull on Americans? Worse yet, why do we buy it?

29 people in New York, 8 people in St. Cloud. See the connection? They make assertions that all these lone wolves perpetrate these crimes, but when do lone wolves become a posse?

Remember in Paris last November? Those seemingly separate incidents – multiple incidents – happened throughout the city by what was first reported as ‘lone’ wolves and small groups. They didn’t just hit one area. It was spread out and coordinated. New York, New Jersey, Minnesota – all with MOs we’ve seen before… With it not even 24-hours after the fact, how can anyone make any assessment?

Instead of listening to politicians and Media with skin in the political game going on right now, it’s going to take some good old fashion Common Sense. Connecting dots on our own lot is far better than the propaganda being thrown at us on the boob tube. We can’t trust Democrats. This is an inconvenient fact now days. We can’t trust establishment Republicans either. And as we all know, we certainly can’t trust the Media.

So what can you believe? Facts. And right now, it’s too soon to hear those facts because Law Enforcement hasn’t had enough physical time to obtain them. At best, we get speculation, conjecture and spin because testing and investigations take time. It’s not an add-water, mix situation.

As stated last night, the Media and Democrats don’t want anything to be labeled as terrorism because it makes their chances in November worse. They would rather have some human collateral damage/loss than lose this election. If you really sit back and think about it, it’s a hallowing thought.

Wouldn’t it be better to know if you’re in danger or under threat than to be part of that collateral damage?

Just food for thought.

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