Nine Republicans Proudly Voted to keep you Sick!

Et Tu, Brute?

In a stunning vote today on the Senate Floor, nine senators sided with Democrat obstructionists to keep a full repeal from going through; meaning, your financial woes over the Obamacare Universal medicine push means nothing to Republicans and Democrats on the Hill.

Isn’t it nice how legislators have made the decision that no one deserves a break – except for those who exempted themselves; namely them!

It seems wayward Republican Senators have decided repealing – after years of promising to do so – isn’t a hot idea because they’re afraid of election repercussions. Too bad, they don’t seem to grasp we voted for a full repeal so their elections are in more peril by not lockstepping with the President and the American people.

Their betrayal, once again, reminds us of the lobby-driven government where the People who put them there in the first place mean nothing to them unless it’s election time. We’ve all heard the nice epitaphs about how Obamacare is dead and their big bomblastic plans to repeal and replace for well over seven years. Yet, the Hill has no plan, no solutions and apparently have no intention of righting a ship that’s been heading for an iceberg since its inception!

We’ve been hoodwinked into believing they [Republicans] have some magical desire to do right by their constituents. Sadly, like Trump, we’ve been used and abused by Senate and House GOP! And the sadder fact is, there’s really not a whole lot we can do about it. We’re stuck – heading towards the same type of single-payer system that’s killed so many overseas – including little Charlie Gard.

Let us forget the whole Obamacare debacle is unconstitutional in every way possible, the mere fact that so many people throughout America will see huge rate hikes and diminished care doesn’t seem to faze anyone on Capitol Hill. Instead, they sit back in their taxpayer-paid digs and laugh at the very people who put them there — all the time pontificating their high moral rubbish we know is just plain bs on a chef’s salad.

The Wolves in Brooks Brothers’ Clothing…

Republicans Rand Paul, Jerry Moran, Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, Bob Corker, Lisa Murkowski, Dean Heller and of course, crazy Maine Senator, Susan Collins have made America know on no uncertain terms, their financial and healthcare woes are meaningless as well as their aversion to supporting our president! They have made it no secret now, they are nine of the lethal enemies of the people and should be voted out at first chance.

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