New York Times Reporter, Ashley Parker LIES about Trump Presser

While it may be no surprise that once again, Donald Trump has broken more barriers and taboos by having a press conference in a time where precedent dictates the opposing party’s time to keep quite, the New York Times writer, Ashley Parker has blatantly misquoted and misrepresented his words in her article.

Her headline, Donald Trump Calls on Russia to Find Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails, suggests that he was doing this; however, anyone who watches the presser can easily tell, he was being sarcastic – far from a serious plea for Russians’ aid. Parker has given a new name to journalistic larceny and should issue an apology to both Trump and the voters for her grossly misleading — big lie!

In a time where MSM is in great scrutiny due to the Wikileaks expose, Parker’s misstep is one that grossly exposes the NYT’s aim to continue misinforming voters. Hence, betraying their own biased towards Clinton in this election. It’s no shocker that the Times would promote a liberal candidate – especially Clinton, but this goes beyond any semblance or guise of journalist integrity. It’s just downright DISHONEST on their editorial staff and Parker’s part.

As the Wikileaks continue to come out, the more we see, the more angry the voting public becomes because, let’s face it, we’ve been had — and its not just with this election but for decades. The media’s love affair with the Democrat party has been a long one, but its been detrimental to Americans trying to parse through the issues to make their decisions about whom to cast a vote. It has been dastardly on the part of the Media Puppets to shameless run a propaganda arm and it evades all proof or truth.

Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? When did it become acceptable, this theater journalism? Why do Americans tolerate being lied to with such regularity?

Insanity needs to stop. People, Wake Up! The future of America hangs in the balance. Time for this stupidity has come to an end. Trust but VERIFY!

And to Ms. Parker, don’t twist words around to suit your agenda. It makes you irrelevant and brands you untrustworthy to report for even the New York Times! Shameless.

Below is Donald Trump’s Press Conference – 7/27/2016. Watch the presser for yourself, then read Ashley Parker’s article. Be your own judge!

video by Right Side Broadcasting

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