New Dawn Rising: Enter Chief of Staff John Kelly – Playtime is Over!

Today is a new beginning for the Trump White House. General John Kelly will now enter the house in his new position as Chief of Staff after replacing Reince Priebus at the helm. It will be a different regime with him as the boss and hopefully, for Americans and President Trump, this change will bring about a much more efficiently run administration than what we’ve seen in recent months.

It is an exciting date at 1600 Pennsylvania and surely, many leakers are running like rats for the nearest exit because the General will never tolerate insubordination from him staff. Such treasons will be treated with nothing short of the brink and leakers should be well cautioned before doing their dastardly deeds against our beloved President.

After serving our country, General Kelly come into the Trump fold as the Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. In this role, he has restructured and repurposed the haphazard agency after years of mishandling from both Bush and Obama Administrations after it’s creation in 2002. The agency’s original focus was a response to 9/11/2001 but has become a quagmire of unmeasured initiatives and focuses, which for many, didn’t really have any sense. With Secretary Kelly, that all changed and now it is geared towards the Border Wall efforts and securing our borders.

Reince Exit Stage Right…

As many of you know, in the months following the inauguration, many have held doubts about Reince Priebus and his ability to serve our President effectively. For those who covered the primary and general election closely, it was a surprise when he was appointed as Chief of Staff because, let’s face it, he was a Never Trumper like his buddy, Paul Ryan from Wisconsin.

Priebus cut his teeth in the ‘in’ group with establishment GOPers like Governor Scott Walker and Ryan – their friendship is no state secret. Also not a clandestine affair is the fact Ryan has bucked Trump and his agenda the whole time, in spite of us (the People) supporting it wholeheartedly. Ryan has always held his own agenda (and perhaps the one created by Bush loyalists i.e. globalists) as paramount to anything Trump proposed. His affinity to groups like the Chamber of Commerce are legendary and we all know these groups are very pro-illegal aliens – because it supports cheap labor.

Priebus’s associations and some truculent statements during the campaign, made him a Never Trumper and even though he veiled his contempt with happy scrappy smiles and jolts – no one who truly supported Trump was ever comfortable with his proximity to the President. It didn’t get any better when the leaking began to profusely pour out information from the WH that there was descent and in-fighting, either. Chances are, at the end of a long chain of people, Reince’s little beady eyes stared back at us!

Therefore, it is with great relief that he now exits the WH because many have thought what new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said in his infamous tweet, Reince was a chief source of leaking among the echelons.

Media and Liberal Fodder

Yes, of course, we knew the Media would have a hissy along with Democrats. They’ll use just about anything to defile and vilify the President. What else is new? It’s gotten to the point where we scarcely pay them any mind because their cries have been far too often. They are the epitome of the boy who cried wolf so we all knew before anything happened, they would decry whatever happened.

Crazy California Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Lee makes an absolute idiot of herself by conjecturing that General Kelly will (or is) an extremist. I guess, we shouldn’t be all that surprised considering following laws is not one of the Democrats’ fortes of late. Extremism to her is law-abiding and country loving.

Clearly, Rep. Lee has no appreciation for what America stands for and she’s never put herself in harm’s way to defend our country. Her lack of respect for our military and Constitution is indicative of everything wrong with the Democrat party today. Therefore, her whacked out assessment only further demonstrates just how unhinged the Left is now in America.

This rebel-raising is doing nothing but losing more and more constituents in the Liberal folds and quite frankly, one can only hope that people like Lee continue to their bents, rants and raves. Rave on, sister, and thanks for the added Trump people!

General Kelly – Chief of Staff – should prove to be a new chapter in a man’s life whose experienced every high and low imaginable. Having served three tours in Iraq, the trials and tribulations of Capitol Hill will be probably prove to be much more lethal than any combat in a forward nation. Because, as we all know, the Hill is more than rough and tumble – it’s downright dangerous with swamp dwellers all around, poised to take anyone honest down in a heartbeat.

Will Chief Kelly survive this new mission?

My money’s on his survival – and not much on others who try to defame him.

The truth is, Americans are smartening up. The election of Donald Trump should tell the Hill this but many of them suffer from memory retention issues – or blind bat syndrome. They can’t seem to grasp that Americans have largely rejected them at this point and are looking for Trump to out them from DC. Drain the Swamp is more than just a kitschy catch phrase for us – we want that swamp drained immediately and Kelly’s new appointment is a sign of better times with all the Drain-O poised to work out the kinks.

No doubt Chief Kelly will not stand for the usual balderdash and nonsense most on the Hill spew so it should be rather interest and entertaining to watch the interactions between him and Congress unfold. Can’t imagine him tolerating Chucky’s tears or Pelosi’s apparent wackiness with a smile and a nod like we’ve seen from Priebus over the last six months. It will surely be a sight to behold.

We can only hope he will operate the WH staff with all the discipline and command he exerted on troops throughout his brilliant military career. As it’s stated above, Playtime is definitely over at 1600!

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