Netflix Screw Up: Another Universe… Indeed!

Have to admit Obama is right, we are living in another universe because the one most of us live in has laws and when broken people go to prison – even ex-Presidents.

Isn’t it very interesting that former president Obama has the nerve to talk such balderdash on talk shows as the FISA infringements are becoming more clear? In the last few weeks, Sara Carter and John Solomon have exposed literally countless ways he violated our laws with his own Gangster tactics! His lawlessness¬† is unprecedented – even over President Nixon and Watergate.

Therefore, the fact he is doing interviews just smacks of a man whose trying very hard to backpedal and deflect all the evil deeds. He’s trying to hoodwink his so-called disciples with absolute garbage while bad mouthing our President and us!

In short, what the Obama Administration is nothing short of high treason and a gross overreach. Using the FBI and other Intelligence agencies to do his biding against a candidate he didn’t fancy was beyond criminal or immoral, it was a smack in the face of every American – including the ones who voted for him twice!

Once again Media – including Netflix is attempting to misinform America…

What’s most egregious is the outlets like David Letterman and Netflix having a fraud on the show to spew his rhetoric, designed to tear apart America not put it first. We’re no longer in that era where tearing up America is in vogue. No, we’ve moved on to brighter pastures where prosperity is finally returning to our lives after a long two miserable decades of downward spiraling.

Yes, America now has much to be hopeful about as we finally elected a leader instead of a beta male wannabe. Therefore, like other hysterical malcontents on the Left, Obama thinks his popularity affords him the right to go on talk shows, spewing his rubbish. Guess he believes his own poll numbers, even though the smart ones understand those polls are based on biased media hacks who are trying to manipulate everyone into believing the unbelievable.

The sad bit is, in less the twelve months in office, Donald Trump has done more positive for everyday Americans than Obama did in eight years. Why? Because he hasn’t been working the office to exalt his personal goals and increase his wealth post-presidency. In fact, it seems like he’s jealous because Trump was rich before he got to the Oval Office and it wasn’t through a parasitic existence on the backs of taxpayers either.

The numbers don’t lie and Trump’s accomplishments (all 81 of them) have far exceeded previous freshmen Administrations. He’s making Democrats look horrible by just letting them expose their political elitist attitudes and inability to come to grips that a mere commoner secured the White House without going through years of mudslinging and special interest cowering. No, he got there because he has his thumb on what Americans wants and how they feel. Something many inside the Beltway dwellers have long forgotten – that is, if they ever knew in the first place.

President Trump’s promises were not mere bumpstickers cliches just to get votes from this year’s results alone!

As a Netflix subscriber, this certainly causes one to question whether that $9.99 a month is worth it if they’re using my money to pay for such nonsense. Guess we’ll be reassessing as time marches forward, but it’s not looking so hot for them in the onset.

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