#Netanyahu has a BIG #Trump Problem! Swamp Draining has BEGUN!

We all saw the sweet statements from Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, congratulating President Elect Donald Trump on his victory the other day. One would think that the PM was tight with our new leader but don’t be fooled by all the schmaltz. Nothing could be any further from the truth.

What most Americans don’t know is this, when the primary season was surging, Netanyahu stabbed his buddy in the back by backing Ted Cruz, while getting a palm-greasing deal done with Hillary Clinton to deliver a truculent Jewish press (some of his ‘insider group’ in our now disgraced mainstream media) for the promise of doubling aid to Israel when she won the presidency. After the primary was done and the President Elect pulled off the ‘impossible,’ he threw his full weight and attack dogs on Trump at every turn; literally vilifying him with multiple-sided attacks that were personal, vicious and would make even some of our tougher stock politicians buckle. As Trump was demonized daily in the press, his “true friend” Bibi Netanyahu stayed silent. Bibi did not compliment Trump, nor did he question the biased press. Nor did he chide leading Jewish actors for their deeply personal attacks on Trump and his family.

Jewish American journalists/political pundits participating in this vilification included the Never Trumpers of Bill Kristol, George Will, Mark E. Levin, Jamie Weinstein, Ben Shapiro and Charles Krauthammer. Then, on the lunatic Liberal side, journalists  Sally Kohn, Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash, Julia Loffe, Gloria Borger and Chuck Todd went out of their way to drive daggers and false narratives, targeting every aspect of Trump’s life and brash demeanor. Even the Jewish Hollywood/Legal cabal got in on the slamfest with Alan Dershowitz and Gloria Allred and fake victims; plus, Cher and Joy Bayar who quickly and repeatedly accused Trump of anti-semitism.

Our New President & Vice President Elect!
Our New President & Vice President Elect!

The outrageous claims from highly hypocritical sources was at fever pitch for far too long and it was an siege for which we’ve never seen before – regardless of the candidate — including that other outsider, Ronald Reagan. The attacks were beyond necessary, they were like serial killers with a taste for overkill.

Of course, we learned through Wikileaks, many of the journalists were colluding with the Democratic National Party and Clinton Campaign – directly. Thus, the whole orchestrated blood bath was brutal and mercilessly executed, day in – day out!

President Elect Trump in his New Yorker candor fought back – and fought back hard — winning the majority of American hearts and the highest office in our country.

Now, Netanyahu, like old Mitt Romney, wishes now for a seat at the Trump Table? Well, fair weather frenemies, here’s the 4-1-1.

In their conversation, Trump insiders have relayed our President Elect candidly asked PM Netanyahu where the love was during his fifteen month siege, I mean, campaign as well as at the polls when he only received 18% of the Jewish vote. Oops!

(The ardent Jewish Trump supporters are beloved by all levels of Trumpsters, proving the cry of anti semitism hollow.)

While the conversation was polite, the deal is this, Trump agree to extend the ‘courtesy’ but also said he was cutting the aid Israel got for extorting money from Obama (and Clinton) as a result of some of the Orgy Island video blackmail. See, unlike the Clintons and their insatiable appetites for sexual deviance, for all intensive purposes, Trump doesn’t have the same blackmail items. While he can do ‘locker room’ he’s not having sex with underaged minors and jetting off to week long orgies. He doesn’t do drugs, drink or even smoke – so he’s just no fun for those looking to blackmail for aid increases and coffer lining.

No more does Netanyahu declare Israel America’s “truest friend”. They have backpedalled it to “True friend.”  Both Israel and America are busy reassessing their relationship, and that’s a sign of health, not a cause of concern.

America will need to support both Russia and Iran as all three nations move to eradicate Isis from the planet. Israel may not be comfortable with Russia and America being close, but that’s where the future lies. Netanyahu, in a space of three days, telegraphed three messages, each more urgent.

On the eve of the election, he told his Knesset that he was ” confident” America would “support” Israel’s policies in the region.

Then , after Trump’s win, Bibi makes a video congratulations, dripping with insincere references to Trump being a “true friend of Israel” (Was Bibi a true friend to Trump?)

Finally, he calls Trump on Nov 9th, reportedly trying to reach Trump 8 times before Trump finally spoke to him, briefly, I am told…..

Hence, knowing this, it makes one see the glowing words of long friendship and kumbaya as false as they come… after all, friends don’t throw friends under the bus like Netanyahu did to further extort aid for his region.

On our side of the big pond, Congressman Chuck Schemer is also supposedly being looked at by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for corruption. I know you’re rolling your eyes as you read this; however, today, with last Tuesday’s historic start, it’s a whole new deal now, so the FBI won’t be politicizing any more investigations. Americans demand hard investigations into both Saudi Arabian support for terrorism, and Turkey’s support of Isis. We are no longer blindly “standing with Israel” but asking if its possible to support the  Israeli people but question it’s Government. That’s not anti semitism, that’s common sense.

Saudi Arabia is the greatest sponsor of terrorism on the planet, and it’s high time we stop assigning Iran to this pedestal. Saudi Arabia has supported the 9/11 hijackers, Al Queda, and Isis. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel need to be viewed in a pragmatic new way, as our relationships change globally.

So here we go, folks… Trump has began his swamp draining — and it’s not just for malfeasance within our government but also ferreting out leaders whom have taken advantage of America’s purse and hearts for far too many years. It’s about time we have a President we can be proud of — 48 hours out, I’d say we’re off to a brilliant start.

More to come….

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