Nehlen – The Challenger

When this year began, Speaker Paul Ryan probably never dreamed he would be challenged in Wisconsin to keep his name on the GOP ticket. Most likely, he believed he would run in the primary unchallenged, because after all, in his mind, he’s been doing a great job. After seventeen years on the Hill, he’s produced little reform or change. If anything, he’s merely grown rich while his constituents have become poor due to legislature like the Affordable Healthcare Act, NAFTA and TPP.

paul nehlen paul ryanBeing that most of his time is spent with his Democrat lobbying wife, hobnobbing with the Washington globalist elite, he probably hasn’t had a whole lot of time to circulate the area which he supposedly represents. Instead of worrying about the working class that pays his salary, he has aligned himself with the globalists in order to gain leverage and clout in the Republican party.

What has that gotten for Wisconsin folks? Nothing.

Along comes self-made business tycoon, Paul Nehlen. A Paul unlike the other, he brought himself up through the ranks of his community. First working on a line and then to owning his own company. Unlike Ryan whose business claim to fame was driving a hot dog van, Nehlen has proven to his community much like Trump proved to New York that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore, like Trump, Nehlen has run his primary campaign through small donations and self-funding. Unlike Ryan who has the force de tour of the RNC and Walker behind him, he has forged his way into the primary election which comes to a head this next Tuesday (August 9th) in an organic grassroots manner. Unfortunately for Ryan whose lost touch with his community, Nehlen has taken great strides to meet everyone and come together with those hurt by Ryan’s gross negligence in DC since becoming the Speaker of the House.

Unlike Ryan, Nehlen does care about the people in his community and wants to make their lives better! It’s not just a pithy slogan made up in some dark Fifth Avenue office designed to proffer a candidate. He is accessible in ways Paul Ryan hasn’t been in seventeen years. He’s with and there with the people he wishes to “serve.” Ah, that word for civil SERVANTS. Serve — and never letting his voters forget he works for them and not the other way around.

paul-nehan-challenging-paul-ryan-wisconsin-congressional-candidate-paul-nehan-in-textIn fact, when you look at the two candidates, you wonder whether or not they’re even in the same party. While Nehlen is the cool of cool, Ryan is likened to an old man well beyond his prime. Let’s face it, Wisconsin, the whole country was had with Ryan’s impish charm during the 2012 election. We all thought he was the Reagan incarnated. Boy were we ever wrong! Instead, he’s merely a migrant loving, globalist who caters to special interests like waiters in a five-star restaurant.

Like America, Wisconsin needs strong leaders not waiters for people other than the voting citizens. Paul Nehlen’s just the man to provide such leadership. He can help bring jobs back to the depressed areas and restart the dwindling economy! Making the heartland have more heart than global interests real estate and pandering to a select few.

Here’s a good luck to Paul Nehlen in his run to Cantorize Ryan next Tuesday. While Ryan may have some big endorsements, at the end of the day, endorsements are about as good five cents in a candy store now days. They’re cheapened when what the politician does to his constituency base what Ryan has done to his district.

Simply put, there’s no doubt that Paul Nehlen is the man to do what Ryan failed to do for Wisconsin!

All the best, Mr. Nehlen.
— Thornton

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  1. We’re sorry to hear that Paul Nehlen lost to Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin Primary. It’s a shame because Wisconsians don’t seem to understand that Ryan’s acts in Congress have caused much of their joblessness and economic havoc.

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