NANCY PELOSI: Our Modern Day Maria Antoinette

For historians in European history, many will verify that Maria Antoinette was a polarizing figure in French History. She was horrific to her people and looked down on them as serfs. She was the epitome of the elitist attitude and snobbery.

The most demonstrative remark of her reign was through the, “Let them eat cake!”

In July 1793, she lost custody of her young son, who was forced to accuse her of sexual abuse and incest before a Revolutionary tribunal. In October, she was convicted of treason and sent to the guillotine. She was 37 years old.

Consequently, after her conviction for treason etc, she was put to death and it is rumored that the people ate her head! Disgusting but those barbarians had a way with symbolic gestures.

In our government today, we have many elitists as we found out with the election of President Trump, but none closer to Maria Antoinette than our very own Nancy Pelosi.

It’s been reported that Ms. Pelosi, in celebration of the #SchumerShutdown — not paying over 2 million soldiers and their families, as well as denying the child health insurance continuation — she took top Democrats from the Hill to a swanky dinner. The celebration abound was over the group’s choice to put Dreamers (DACA) over American citizens in an attempt to thwart the President and Hill Republicans.

The dinner smacks of the Let them eat Cake moment that only Maria Antoinette could compete. In fact, some would say, Ms. Pelosi far exceeds Antoinette in her coldness and elitist attitude. Remember the $2,000 bonuses were considered mere crumbs to the millionairess?

Therefore, today, she has been given the esteemed honor of being France’s most tragic figure. The Nancy Antoinette Award.

Let everyone remember this in November, the fact she chose illegal aliens over the people who keep her in office. She deserves that remembrance in total!

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