MSNBC & Maddow Makes Asses of Themselves for all the World to See


MSNBC and Rachel Maddow made a huge deal about obtaining President Trump’s 2005 tax returns the other night as she primed the public for some great reveal. Reveal it did as it demonstrated that A) Trump is a rich man and B) has paid a 25% tax rate, which is higher than Obama and Bernie Sanders as well as the Clintons. In essence, Maddow and her buddies just disproved their own claims that Trump’s taxes held all kinds of deep dark secrets!

The other takeaway from the whole Al Capone vault-like saga was Maddow is a propagandist that has not clue one about American history, politics or anything worth watching on a nightly basis. If any argument can be made, she is not worth having a show of her own. She’s a waste of time, energy and effort; therefore, why should sponsors pay for advertising during a time slot when no one watches. Isn’t that like the proverbial tree in the forest scenario?

Maddow made her rabid angst against Donald Trump very apparent, as if we didn’t already know her completely unsubstantiated fear and loathing of the 45th President. Rabid is the operative word here as she becomes unhinged. Is this who some in the world trust for their so-called news? This isn’t an informed person in the media, this is an idiot that other idiots pay to spout off at the mouth with absolutely zero credibility at all. She has proven herself inept at getting to any real news issues.

Donald Trump makes an excellent point about the legality of what Maddow did and, frankly, it’s high time, people like her be brought to task for their propaganda pimp jobs.  All this smearing is nothing more than trying to throw shadow on the good the Trump Administration is doing for the country right now.

Here’s the actual laws Maddow and this nobody reporter broke when they did their ‘big reveal.’ It would be wise for the Department of Justice to investigate those concerned because it is a felony to leak any government documents without consent.


In truth, the market is up higher than it’s ever been, more jobs have been added to the work environment and more people feel optimistic about the future than in the last eight years combined. People see through the dog and pony show, thus, making Maddow nothing more than a snappy irritant whose now become the brunt of the big joke.

Another interesting item in the law is that anyone soliciting illegal documents is also in violation of this law, which means the editors at the Washington Post are also violators. Therefore, reporters thinking they’re cool asking for Trump’s tax returns are only making their own beds in a legal sense. Should the Department of Justice start mining Twitter to prove that the Rule of Law still means something in this country? All they’d have to do is start with all the reporters who’ve made their bias coverage and Trump-bashing so blatant they can hardly contain themselves.

As for MSNBC, this situation only verifies why they are failing along with their other fake news buddies at CNN. Their shows all experience abysmal ratings while Fox News continues to surge past them as forerunners in all the time slots. Think about it, the other night Tucker Carlson was checking in with another FNC reporter who was watching Maddow’s hilarious bent and having him report her big findings during his show. Thanks to Carlson, FNC viewers didn’t have to tune into the raving idiot’s rant.

Furthermore, it proves to Americans that our media can no longer be trusted sources for real information; however, people still complain about Trump’s tweets. In reality, he has no choice but to tweet because the media doesn’t cover his administration with any integrity whatsoever. You cannot fault him for wanting to maintain a dialogue directly with the people given the current conditions.

Safe to say that finally someone has overshadowed Geraldo Rivera’s highly embarrassing Al Capone Vault special from the Eighties. It took a number of decades to unseat him as the scam of the year in news media but Rachel Maddow did it marvelously and probably has upped the ante on ridiculousness. Congratulations Rachel. Good job. As for Russians… well, Pravda has nothing on our media these days.

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