MSM: Is it Time to Sue?

In our article in September 2016, the question was asked: Is the Media Committing a Crime Against American Voters? we explored the criminal terminology that pertained to their behavior during the general election, but now that we’re a month into his presidency, the mainstream media has become intolerable. So, what can we do? Should we sue?

It seems the fake stores are continuing to flow at an alarming rate. The media clearly holds great disdain for the man we chose to be our president, without any justification other than he’s not the one they ‘chose’ for us. The fourth arm of the government has been acting up like a spoiled child with their truculent coverage and combative press conferences with President Trump and many members of his administration. Its gotten so bad, we don’t know what to believe anymore when it comes to their so-called reporting.

We’ve seen everything from Russians hacking the election to shadow governments being revealed and all coming with unknown sources and non-specific speculation that smacks more of opinion than any real journalism.

Has the media lost it’s collective mind?

It would seem so as they riddle word bullets and seek to destroy anything the President does – including smears against our First Lady and his daughter, Ivanka. They seem to rejoice in anything remotely negative and continue beating their war drums in spite of the fact that he has done more in one month than Barack Obama did in eight years. The whole thing has been a nasty surreal nightmare that we all thought would calm down once the Trumps were settled into the White House.

They don’t seem to understand they have done themselves in as they blame the President for people losing faith in their reporting abilities. This was seen by a particularly uncomfortable exchange between James Acosta from CNN and the President during his press conference last Thursday. It got so bad that Trump even said, “Are you related to the guy I just nominated for Department of Labor?”

It was obvious by the President’s comment and mannerism, he was not amused by the possibility Alexander Acosta could be related to the CNN correspondent which he’s had a couple of verbal scuffles. This is not a good footing for the beginning of a long eight years with our new president and correspondences like Acosta have not had an easy adjustment.

As we saw last summer through Wikileaks, there was too much collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign for anyone to feel comfortable. Their bias natures rang true as their reporting pretty much betrayed their incestuous relationship with the DNC during the Primaries as well. Journalists like Glenn Thrush were caught having their stories cleared by John Podesta before print/broadcast, were a red neon sign to all of us as the dripping leak continued throughout the autumn months leading up to Election Day.

The list is long and it beckons a dialogue; should we sue them for dereliction of duty?

We can’t trust them so what do we do? We’re all in a tough spot because we should have sources to depend on in order to get the news of the day without the liberal filters. Can’t really say these are mere filters anymore because they’re more like blinders with no sense of balance whatsoever.

Should we sue over fake news? Should the press be held accountable for their nefarious acts against the people?

Better yet, will they ever regain our trust? I’m thinking the days of Cronkite are long gone and now, we’re faced with a future of nothing but pure spin doctoring propaganda that rallies the Third Reich, Goebbels’ stylings that they claim is the White House’s measure. Ironic when you think about it but not uncommon as it’s one of the Alinsky tacts to brainwash the public.

Blame the opponent for everything you’re doing yourself!

Just something to think about…

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