MSM & Democrats are Refusing to Grasp Reality

The Russian-obsessed Media and Democrats are burying themselves and Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders is letting them drown themselves…

With each passing day, the Media is looking more ridiculous as they continue to go down the DNC rabbit hole about some grand Trump/Russia collusion, which has worn thin on Americans. Many polls taken over the last few months have denoted the voters are tired of the MSM continual spin – which is also losing more and more people as they defect from the Democrat party.

Now, it’s become a punchline for many. Anywhere from pictures of dogs trashing houses blaming Russia to other ways, many Americans are poking fun at the situation to the point that should anything be found, most wouldn’t believe it.

For some reason, the Media and Democrats cannot seem to understand, no one is buying their information anymore. If anything, they’ve become unhinged and hysterical over nothing as the nothingburgers runeth over in the political elite class. Their failure to embrace Donald Trump is our chosen, legally-elected president has become their downfall.

They are so easily triggered and yet, they seem to present their non-findings with such arrogance, they have literally turned people off – proving more and more Americans are able to spot propaganda when they see it.

In yesterday’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders laid it on the line, stating the obvious truth about Russia and its influence in anything in America. She posed questions to the MSM as opposed to the other way around and was not going to take the ridiculous line of questioning regarding Donald Trump, Jr.’s 20-minute meeting with a DNC agent posted as a Russian Lawyer with information on Hillary Clinton in the Spring of 2016.

Railing the media for their obvious attempts to ignore the real Russian collusions, Secretary Huckabee Sanders points out the Clinton connection to Russia, listing many examples.

In reality, political counterinel gathering is not illegal. If it were, the DNC would’ve been sunk a century ago as this is how the party has always dealt with elections. Their campaigns have always had some salacious tinge to them because Liberals seldom have anything pliable for Americans and usually resort to dimestore cheap tricks to get voters’ votes and attention.

One thing is for sure, the MSM continues to fail at currying favor in the White House briefing room as they posture for the camera with asinine questions towards the new Press Secretary. It’s clear, Secretary Huckabee Sanders, like Spicer, will not take their snarky jabs towards the President and his family lightly and has called them out several times in her short tenure. She’s proven through the above clip, she a force to be reckoned with and the media should beware.

Therefore, it would be good if the Media and Democrats would get the 411 but there’s no indication this will occur anytime soon. They’re going to keep careening down this wrong path until they lose a few more elections and have a whole henhouse of egg on their faces.

Cheer on…….

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