MSM: Death Rattle

While it’s never been fun to be the brunt of a bad joke, it seems CNN has made a habit of falsely vilifying our new president to the point where they’ve lost all credibility with the public…but they’re not the only ones engaged in the Death Rattle spiral to obscurity.

It seems these days, the Media is just not getting the hint amidst their briefing flounders with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, their days in the sun are no more.

Unfortunately for them, Spicer made a definitive decision to break with tradition and no levy the first question in the first Press Briefing to Associated Press, demonstrates the Trump Administration is going to war with them. They continue to thrash about, talking about anything but all the good the President has accomplished in a mere four working days.

During this time, many of President Trump’s campaign promises have been the hub of his executive orders, which have undone a lion’s share of Obama’s previous rampages. He has reclaimed American sovereignty with his expansive Immigration policy reboot yesterday and has worked diligently on economic issues – like bringing jobs back to America.

Meanwhile, the press has been drudging on about voter fraud and how many people attended the Trump Inauguration — all a ruse to keep the public in the dark of the President’s break neck speed while getting things accomplished in slow-moving DC. Their obsession on the meniscal items has only made the public more skeptical of their ability to deliver real news; hence, now more than ever, people wanting to remain informed have begun watching press briefings themselves.

Shows like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have found escalated viewership in their time slots as Fox News has captured the audiences that once went to CNN and MSNBC. Why? For starters, not only is Carlson edgy with his verbal wars, the shows provide informative views without the filter of disdain so prevalent in other networks’ bias approach. Hannity makes no secrets of his support for President Trump, but he does deliver a commentary that’s not afraid to call out wrong doing when necessary. These two shows are well worth the time to watch as they both present issues differently while not making them all about demonizing anyone without good provocation.

Hardly the keepers of truth, they now are seen as highly adversarial and combative – even in the WH Briefing Room. It’s painfully comical to watch Spicer shut down reporters from the likes of ABC and MSNBC when asked  the same questions over and over again. It can only be construed as an even more painful position than other Press Secretaries of by gone days.

The White House would be better off brokering a deal with CSPAN to obtain their own channel rather than depending on soft show interviews with David Muir of ABC to really show the country what life beyond the WH front doors is really all about. There’s enough presidential history that could fill up ‘dead’ times with a way for Americans to learn history! (And we certainly know the people who can help the White House make this happen; sooner than later.)

Perhaps we’ll see that project in the future…

Until then, more and more Americans are turning away from the big networks and cable news other than Fox News and Fox Business because the nonsense has gone through the roof. Their constant Trump-bashing has now come home to roost and it’s only a matter of time when sponsors get wise and stop pitching ad dollars at failing networks.

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