More Info on the Media’s War on Donald Trump

As you all may have noticed, the Media has been waging war on Donald Trump. It’s getting to the point that borders an insane obsession with picking a part everything he does and says, spinning it into something ‘dark’ and dangerous.

Over the last week, some answers have come to light that may shed some reasons as to why the Media, particularly the Conservative pundits’ disdain toward Trump. The findings are going to shock you!

I have attached a video that verifies this information. And yes, it’s been vetted through several sources within many agencies – not just my own but many other fellow writers using their own sources. All point to this being accurate even though the video maker is careful to assert he’s reporting what he’s been told by his Pentagon source.

While we all know about Clinton Aide, Huma Abiden’s videos taken during private meetings between herself, Hillary Clinton and several foreign (and hostile to US) agents that Wikileaks was going to break last Sunday (August 6), there has been a storm of restraining orders sent to RT (Russian Times) from our State Department to block these videos from surfacing as they go towards proving treason on Clinton’s lot. However, given that RT is not subject to US laws (or law enforcement) with the exception of their America office, these will only hold for so long. RT‘s involvement stems from last Sunday’s interview with famed hacker and Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange who is in exile at the Ecuador embassy in London for the last five years.

The second bit on this video (clocking at 1:34) is the part dealing with our crazy media coverage these days. It seems that Clinton brokered a deal to double Israel’s aid if Netanyahu helps her win the presidency by slandering Trump, using his own brigade within our Media system.

This is based on the premise that should Trump get elected, he will reduce aid to the Middle East including Israel – an assumption that is FALSE! On the contrary, Trump is stating he wants to reduce or end aid to countries harboring and supporting terrorists. This is a huge difference than what was presented by Clinton.

The disturbing thing is, it appears Netanyahu has taken the bait. Many Jewish journalists – Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, Jamie Weinstein to name a few – have all been touting the NeverTrump banner in spite of Trump’s popularity with voters.

This week, Trump revealed his very conservative economic plan devised by known-conservative economists like Stephen Moore. It’s as close to Reagan as anyone has gotten in a long, long time! Additionally, earlier in the Spring, he released his highly conservative judges list of those he would proffer for appointment to the Supreme Court. Therefore, the hysterical NeverTrumpers appear nonsensical – that is, until now! It’s more than a mere axe to grind! It’s more than anything personality based. This goes much deeper into the collusion we’ve seen so rampant with Clinton and her camp!

Watch the video, while boring, listen to its contents multiple times. It’s a lot to take in but as a responsible voter, it’s up to you to inform yourselves!

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