MONEY: Will Angel Investors Come Back?

Angel investors…now that’s a term we haven’t heard in a seriously long time, isn’t it? Welcome to the Trump years!

Everyone remember back in the nineties when angel investors became the huge rage? Companies filled with young entrepreneurs springing forth because they got the money elders to back their ideas while giving them much-needed financial advise on how to grow their business ideas into profitable ventures. It was good times, but after eight years of Obama, are they gone forever?

With the market doing upturns, breaking new records every day, one can only hope there’s a ray of sunshine for the new business dreamer that wasn’t there a year ago. It looks the employment is coming back into vogue after a long, long hiatus of people struggling. Obama’s tenure has been a grueling battle between government and business. It’s worn a lot of people out. Some have given up forever because it got to the point where, looking for a job for three, four, five years got to be too much to bear.

Many younger (and older) folks have started businesses out of necessity because the job markets have been limping along like a wounded animal. The GDP has never been lower, yet the Obama crowd touts the last eight years as if they’ve had some success. My question is, “Success in what?” Frankly, I don’t see anywhere where the former president achieved any true advancement for anyone but globalism. As for promoting American values, business and traditions, he pretty much quashed everything he could stomp on without so much as a second thought.

Angel investors of yesteryear now have an opportunity to make a huge comeback because, now that the economy is starting to move forward and upward, there’s more need for consumer goods. After the 8-year belt tightening, people are ready to exercise their free trade once again. So, will we see more Shark Tankers? Will we see more Lion’s Den people? Let’s hope.

On average, even though job growth is happening, most are in the manufacturing sector. It seems a bit uneven because more kids are graduating with white collar career track degrees, leaving the manufacturing jobs to those who didn’t go to college. Let’s face it, no one goes to college, amassing such a fortune in debt, to go work at the local GM plant. There needs to be more white collar jobs and the best way to find them is to make them.

In regards to the student debt situation, perhaps to encourage new business growth, maybe the Department of Education should make allowances for the small business owners drowning in student loan debt. They offer debt leniency¬†for those working in state and educational fields after ten years of debt repayment, why can’t they do this for the small business people who are living marginally in order to achieve their dreams? Doesn’t this go towards propagating a healthy economy and help the student loan crisis by generating more tax dollars? In many ways, yes.

Let’s face reality, we are not likely to see most of these student loans solved in total because the problem is just too massive for all concerned. Over inflated school tuitions and such have basically collapsed a whole student generation in debt merely because they could. Universities and colleges run by Liberals saw a brilliant opportunity to redistribute tax money (once again) and the seized the brass ring and ran with it!

Some could make an argument that one way angels can help their young proteges is to help them pay off their loan debt, thus, giving them a fresh start financially to achieve their goals of self-ownership, instead of ‘working for the man.’ (Note I didn’t say government assisted.)

The angels have a way now to help these young aspiring kids in their dreams of self-employment. After all, this country was founded mostly by men who owned their own businesses, which is why they were chosen to be community leaders of their era.

The economy will only get stronger as small to midlevel businesses start reopening doors and restarting their fortunes again. Let’s hope the Obama years is a history we remember for the future.

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